Welcome To The Oily Life!


I always find it interesting when seemingly unrelated things end up coming together to lead you to something greater than you could have imagined.  An experience like this is what led to me to Young Living which is a HUGE part of my M.U.D. Life.

Here is the string of seemingly unrelated events that brought me to Young Living.  Three years ago I was working with a health coach.  During one of our weekly sessions, she suggested that I should look into using essential oils to help with my anxiety.  I remembered seeing that an old friend of mine from high school was using essential oils and posting about it on her Facebook page.  I reached out to my friend and she introduced me to Young Living.  After doing some research, I joined Young Living and have never looked back.

There’s many things I love about Young Living.  They are a company that has been around for over 20 years and stand behind their products 100%.  They own their own farms and play a role in every step that an oil takes from literally seed to seal (when the oil is bottled).  Their oils are pure.  Each bottle has a unique code so I could learn where my bottle originated from and what steps it went through to get into my hands.  There’s lots of essential oil companies out there, but honestly, I can’t say enough amazing things about Young Living and how oils have changed my life.

Want To Start Your Oily Journey?

That’s awesome!  There’s two ways you can join Young Living.  You can either join as a Distributor (there is no pressure to sell) or as a Retail Customer.  Joining as a Distributor gives you many perks such as:

  • Enjoy 24 percent off retail pricing on your favorite products.
  • Participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions just by sharing Young Living.
  • Qualify for exclusive Young Living member events around the world.
  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of Essential Rewards.

Even if you never sell, you still get 24% off each future order!  Not to mention, look at all these amazing goodies you get when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit!  This is how I started when I joined Young Living and I’m so glad I did because it gave me so many oils to use and learn about, and a wonderful team that I could ask any question to.PSK 1

And check out these amazing ways that you can use the oils in your Premium Starter Kit!

Use the Premium Starter Kit

I will literally be here every step of the way as you start your oily journey!  When you enroll make sure my Sponsor ID and Enroller ID (2205122) are entered in both locations.

Have questions?  E-mail me at mymudlife@aol.com