Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark is an off-shoot of My M.U.D. Life.  I am all about living a life full of positivity and mindfulness, even at times when it’s hard.  Even if your day is going good, everybody can use a dose of positivity and inspiration.


Inspired by inspirational painted rocks such The Kindness Rocks Project and My Roaming Rocks, I decided to help to spread the positive vibes in another way.  I love books.  I love how they can help you escape to another time and place.  I love how through books you can learn and grow.  I’ve always loved bookmarks.  I have a huge collection from when I was a kid.  I figured, why can’t I help spread my own positive vibes through the use of bookmarks, and Make Your Mark was born!

Make Your Mark are inspirational bookmarks that can be hidden anywhere, just waiting to be found by someone.

I Found One!

Awesome!  Congrats!  When you find one be sure to do the following

  • Like us on Facebook:
  • On social media share a picture and be sure to use the hashtags #mymudlife #makeyourmark
  • Comment below with what bookmark you found and where
  • Now pass on the good vibes to someone else and Make Your Mark!


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