Revisiting An Old Hobby

When I was a kid I LOVED making friendship bracelets and lanyard.  It didn’t matter if I was at summer camp or at home, I was always making bracelets and lanyards and learning different stitches.  Whether it was with lanyard, embroidery floss, or hemp, it didn’t matter.  All were fun in their own way.  When I was a kid I would even sell them to people at the pool in my community to get ice cream money.  It was just always something I loved doing.

Honestly, I haven’t made friendship bracelets or lanyards in a long time.  But, as I found out yesterday, it’s still something I really enjoy.

As you all know, I’ve been having trouble with my anxiety and depression, and getting out of my own head.  I really haven’t been motivated to do anything, but I kept thinking if I could do something with my hands that would keep me busy, maybe it would help me to get out of my head for a bit.  I decided yesterday to pick up some hemp cord and two charms that had positive sayings on them, and make bracelets.  And that’s exactly what I did.

The two above are ones I made yesterday… and I ended up selling them both!!!  It made me feel really good!  Not only did I enjoy making them, but they are inspirational, and by selling them it made me feel like I had a purpose!  So, I took the money I earned yesterday and bought more supplies this morning.  Today I spent the entire afternoon making two more bracelets.

And you know what?  It really is helping me.  It’s giving me something positive to do.  When I’m working on the bracelets, I am only thinking about what I am doing and nothing else.  It’s really relaxing and stress relieving, and while I make them, Lan is curled up right next to me, keeping me company.

All the bracelets I have created are available in my Etsy shop and cost between $6.00 – $8.00.  I picked up duplicate charms of the ones I sold yesterday so I can make more of the same bracelets.  Tomorrow I’m going to make more bracelets and list them as well.

I’m so glad I decided to do this yesterday, and then again today.  It’s fun revisiting old hobbies and remembering why you enjoyed doing them so much.  It’s fun being creative.

Copy of trés cool

Copy of Copy of trés cool


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