The Healing Power of Love


The past few months, and the past few weeks have been hard.  I never would have made it through without my amazing husband, and without Lani.

I know some people will say Lani is “just a dog.”  But, to me, she’s so much more than that.  She’s my daughter.  She is also the most gentle and loving soul I know.  And without her help, I probably would not have gotten out of bed at all these past few weeks.


Lani has been there for me every step of the way.  She has helped me to find my footing again.  She has helped me every morning to get up, get dressed, and get outside, even if I don’t feel like it.  She has helped me to find a purpose each day.  I would do anything for my little girl, and her needs come way before my own.  Whereas I just want to lay in bed, I know that I need to put her needs first.  She needs food, water, a walk.  And through Lani’s help, I have found myself laughing again.

The first week was hard.  Lani was constantly looking for her sister.  But slowly, together, we have discovered a new “normal”.  We go for daily walks multiple times a day, together.  Because my anxiety has been bad, I have found myself being scared to leave the house on my own, but Lani helps me to get outside and to feel safe.

And sometimes, things are still hard.  Lani doesn’t like to be alone and never has had to be.  From the moment she came home, she has always had someone else in the house with her.  If not my husband and me, then Roxie.  And now, sometimes, she finds herself alone and she cries.  It breaks my heart because I know exactly how she feels.

Lani is so laid back.  She has a calm and gentle soul, and she carries an air of serenity with her.  She curls up on my lap.  She gives me kisses.  She gives me hugs.  She cuddles with me.  She lets me know I am not alone.  Lani shows me love in it’s purest form.


We both need each other to heal and to find ourselves again.  Lani can be extremely funny, and I find that on days I am extremely sad, she finds a way to make me smile and laugh.  She lifts up my spirit, and lets me know that even the days when I do truly feel alone, I’m not because she is right there beside me.

And together we can make it through the dark times.  It’s true what they say, dogs are angels with fur.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Copy of trés cool

Copy of Copy of trés cool

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