My Little Angel

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We all mourn differently, and we all honor those that have passed in different ways.  That’s one thing I love about my religion.  In the Jewish religion you name after relatives who have passed.  The “J” in my first name is after my Uncle Josef, my Grandma’s brother who died young in the Holocaust.  The “R” in my middle name is after my Aunt Rose, my Grandpa’s sister who passed before I was born.  It’s a way to honor their memory and the love that you had for them.  It’s a way to keep their memory alive.

Lani, for example, is named after my little yorkie, Sky who I lost at eight years old.  Instead of going with the first letter of Sky’s name, I took the meaning.  Lani, in Hawaiian, means “heavenly sky”.  Naming Lani after Sky, for me, was a way to honor Sky and the love that I have for her.

It’s been rough since losing Roxie.  I still cry.  I miss her so much.  It’s been two weeks, but it might as well be yesterday.  My husband has been honoring Roxie’s memory by sharing daily stories about her on his Facebook page.  He is also talking about getting a tattoo of her paw print over his heart.  That’s how he’s remembering Roxie and honoring her memory.  I’ve been thinking of what I can do that will help me.

I only wear jewelry that means something personally to me.  Every piece that I wear has meaning.  The other day when I was online I came across this most delicate, beautiful sterling silver ring in the shape of angel wings on  It immediately reminded me of Roxie and how she’s my little angel.  I knew it would be a perfect way for me to honor her memory.  Today my ring came in the mail and it’s even more beautiful and perfect than I could have imagined.  Now every time I look down at it I will be reminded of Roxie, my little angel, and how she will always be with me.

For me it’s just a small way to remember her.  Roxie had a huge personality.  One that filled up our hearts and our house with love, light, and laughter.  A huge part of our family is missing.  But, the best thing I can do is to remember her however I can and honor her memory whether that’s through stories, sharing memories, or a small piece of jewelry.

Roxie was an angel here on earth, and now she will always watch over me.

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Copy of Copy of trés cool

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