Memories Are Forever

When you lose a loved one it’s hard and it’s difficult.  It’s hard to embrace the “new normal” and start being ok with it.  It can take weeks, months, even years to find the new rhythm to your life and that’s perfectly ok.  We all mourn on our own timeline.  I think such an important aspect of living M.U.D. is to be true to your feelings.  Mourn.  Take the time you need.  Remember.  Laugh.  Cry.  Take comfort in loved ones.  And most importantly, never forget.

Everything in my life reminds me of baby girl, from eating yogurt, to entering the front door, to just looking at something in the house.  Everything in the house reminds me of her.  My husband and I have been talking about Roxie constantly.  And it’s helping me, because together we will get through this.  Together we will draw strength from each other, and remember the past eight years with smiles instead of tears.

Every time I breakdown, I keep finding myself apologizing to my husband.  And he keeps telling me, “It’s ok.” and he holds me a little closer, and let’s me know he’s in this with me.  I think when you have a such a huge loss, whether it’s a friend or much beloved family member, you need the strength of others to help you make it through because you can easily drown in your own grief.

Together, my husband and I are remembering, but also looking forward to the future and knowing how blessed we were to have Roxie in our lives, and know how much she changed our lives for the good.  She brought so much light and love and we will never forget that.

Love is so important.  And when you lose someone that you love so much, you need time to heal.  Never feel bad for that.  Tell stories.  Share memories.  It’s so important to make that Mindful Unique Decision that you won’t hide your feelings, but instead share them.  Because as long as we keep talking about those that have passed, they are never truly gone.

Each person who passes leaves a part of themselves with us forever.  And we need to keep that memory alive.true-cute-winnie


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