The M.U.D. Life Manifesto

I love manifestos.  They are a unique, graphically interesting way of presenting ideas, thoughts, even uplifting sentiments.  Manifestos appear on company’s websites, posters, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc…

Recently I came across the Holstee Manifesto and I absolutely loved it.  Not only was it interesting graphically, but also it had such a powerful message.  After seeing the Holstee Manifesto and other manifestos online I started thinking, why can’t My M.U.D. Life have a manifesto?

My M.U.D. Life is a lifestyle, but it represents so much.  It’s a way of embracing life by making Mindful Unique Decisions every day.  It’s a way of embracing the every day, owning your story, and living your best life.  I started thinking of what My M.U.D. Life is at it’s core, and decided, especially since I love playing with graphic design, to create an official manifesto for My M.U.D. Life.

I’m so excited to share this with you!  I think this manifesto completely represents My M.U.D. Life and what this website stands for.  I think it’s a great way graphically to share My M.U.D. Life with others, and I also think it’s extremely uplifting.

Share M.U.D.!  Live M.U.D.!  Embrace your unique story and live your best life.

MUD Life Manifesto

trés cool

Copy of trés cool

Copy of Copy of trés cool


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