The Art of Crashing

The pain hits

I can’t breathe…

I’m overwhelmed

By these feelings

By these memories

By the things

That were said

Never feeling good enough…

Always feeling

Like I had to prove myself

To get respect

For people to like me

And now that I’ve stopped

The memories rush back

Everything hurts…

The tears fall

Squeezing the air

From my lungs

I’m drowning…

Getting lost

In the past

But you remind me

To refocus

To stay strong…

You help me to laugh

And smile

You tell me that I’ll be ok

I just need to keep going forward

And keep being me

And eventually

I will find myself…

On solid ground again

But for right now

It’s going to be up and down

And that’s ok

Because I am not alone.


trés cool

Copy of trés cool

Copy of Copy of trés cool

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