Book Reviewers Wanted!

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As you all know, my book has officially been published!!!  To celebrate the launch I have a giveaway currently going on, but I’d also LOVE some book reviewers!

Would you be interested in reading My M.U.D. Life: Making Mindful Unique Decisions Every Day?  Do you love to read?  Do you love to share reviews?  My book is a very quick read (86 pages), and I would love some honest reviews.

If you’re interested, I would send you a PDF copy of my book for FREE.  All I’d ask is that you post an honest review on Lulu and Goodreads for right now.  In a few weeks when my book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble I’d ask you to post your review there as well.  If you have a blog and would like to review my book on there as well, it’d be very much appreciated.

If you’d like to review my book, e-mail me at

What is my book about exactly?  Here is a synopsis from the back of the book.

Back Cover

Click below to enter the book launch giveaway!


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Copy of Copy of trés cool


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