Rising From The Ashes

Today has been a hard day.  Today I am struggling.  I barely got out of bed this morning.  I felt sick.  I felt tired.  I felt exhausted mentally and physically.  Today is a bad day.

But I did get up.  I got dressed.  I had breakfast.  I took a shower.  I volunteered for two hours.  I functioned.  Even though it was hard.  I got out.  I tried.

I am a phoenix.  When the weight of the world bares down upon me, I burst into flames only to be reborn from my ashes.  Right now, as my husband reminds me, I am being reborn from what tore me down.  And tore me apart.  But I will rise again.  And I will be fine.

Because I am strong.  Because I have been here before, and will probably be here again.  But I have survived each and every time.  And I will survive this time.  And I will climb my way back up, and find myself again.  Because I am a warrior.  I am a phoenix.  Each time I am reborn I get stronger.

And healthier.  And happier.  And this time will be no different.

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