It’s Time To Talk. It’s Time To Change.

Tomorrow, February 1st is a very important day.  It’s Time To Talk DayBring Change to Mind is partnering with UK based Time to Change in a global awareness campaign; a day devoted to talking about mental illness and breaking the stigma.  As the campaign says,

“Conversations about mental health have the power to change lives. Mark your calendar tomorrow and talk about mental health wherever you are: at the pub, in the park, or even at the gym – get talking about mental health.”


As you all know, breaking down the stigma of mental health is extremely important to me.  But it’s important globally as well.  So many of us that suffer feel alone or feel misunderstood.  It’s important to share your stories to create a world of understanding, to help break the stigma one story at a time.

Until recently I had never been cyber-bullied for my depression and anxiety.  But text messages and e-mail messages in today’s world you can’t escape from.  And I have to say it has completely shaken me up to my core.  The words that were said, although I’ve tried not to internalize them, I have.  I’ve started doubting myself.  I’ve lost confidence in my ability to function in a job capacity.  All because of words that were said to me.  Because words have power.  And even when you try to not let those words have power, those words stay with you.  And they can affect you.  Deeply.  This is true for anyone, but especially when you have a mental illness because you start to wonder, and fixate on those words.  And you start wondering, is what this person is saying true?  I keep talking to my husband about how I’m feeling and what happened to me, because if I don’t I might not win the battle.  This battle against mental illness we cannot fight alone.  And that’s why it’s so important to talk about mental health.  To shine light on the seriousness of it.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately.  And the cyber-bullying incident further exacerbated it.  Last night my husband and I made an important decision.  For now, I am going to focus on getting well.  Right now I honestly don’t think I can work.  That’s how much I have been affected by what has gone on.  Right now I don’t feel strong enough.  And for right now, my focus needs to be on me and my health.  I’m going to focus on things that make me happy.  Being with my husband and babies.  Volunteering at a place that makes me feel good about myself and reinforces that I am ok.  And slowly I will rebuild myself.  It’s just going to take time.  But for now, my main focus has to be on my health and getting stronger and more confident day-by-day.

Use tomorrow to start a conversation if you never have before.  Or even if you have before.  Use your voice, because your voice is your power.  Start a conversation.  Words have power.  Use them for good!

To Connect With Bring Change To Mind & Time To Change


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