“I Will NOT Be Silenced! My Voice Is My Power!”

There’s a situation going on right now.  I’m not going to get into specifics, but I want to make something completely clear.  My voice will NOT be silenced, and will NEVER be silenced.

I started this blog for two reasons.  1) As a way to express myself and 2) To share my story as a way of helping others.  I know I put myself out there by what I write.  And sometimes that’s scary.  But, I believe when mental health issues are concerned, these are topics we need to talk about because people don’t understand.  Yes, we have come a long way to breaking the stigma, but we still haven’t come far enough.  And I think it’s important to add my voice to this fight because we all have our own stories to tell.  That is the Unique part of living M.U.D.  We need to embrace our stories.

I try to make this a positive blog, but that doesn’t mean that I shy away from the darkness.  The darkness is just as much a part of me as is the light.  When I am feeling great, I’ll write about that.  And when the darkness is consuming me whole, I will share exactly how I am feeling.  Depression.  Anxiety.  PTSD.  These are NOT things to be ashamed of.  These are important topics.  People lose their lives every day because they have lost the fight, and sometimes it’s because outsiders don’t understand how real the struggle is.  When you battle your own inner demons and the cruelty of outsiders, sometimes the struggle becomes too much to bare.  You can’t escape from your own thoughts, and with the world as it is today, you can’t escape from the cruelty of others either.  And this is why it’s important to share our stories!  So we don’t lose the fight and so we know we are not alone.  Because together we are strong.

Do our moods shift from high to low because we have mental health issues?  Yes!  But this isn’t a sign of weakness or immaturity.  Do we have triggers?  Yes!  But that’s ok because knowing your triggers is owning your story and taking huge leaps forward.  And do we cry?  Do we feel hopeless sometimes?  Yes!  But love us despite these things and be there for us.  Don’t treat us differently.  Don’t feel like you need to walk on eggshells around us because all that does is make us feel worse.  There is nothing wrong with us.  We are all beautiful!  And we all have light to share and gifts to share if only you give us a chance.  Don’t judge us because of the darkness.  Love us in spite of it!

You don’t know the paths we have walked.  You don’t know what we have gone through.  And unless you walked a day in our shoes, you would never understand.  Because the struggle is real.  And it’s intense.  And sometimes it’s all consuming and you can’t function.  But that’s part of our story.  And knowing that is owning it.

My M.U.D. Life is my story.  I own that.  As I always say, there are two sides to every story, and in-between lies the truth.  Everything I have written on here is 100% true, and are my own experiences that have shaped me.  I own my story.  And I’m honest to a fault.  If I mess up, I will tell you so.  Because owning up to your mistakes is the only way you will ever learn.

I purposefully do not name names on my blog.  I don’t call people out.  Even if I’m treated badly.  Because you know why?  I honestly don’t believe in blaming people.  Things happen.  You learn from it.  You move on.  Everything that happens in life you can learn from.  Right now I’m focusing on trying to get well.  And for everyone that has been there for me in a positive way, I thank you.

But, know that I will NEVER be silenced.  This blog isn’t going anywhere.  I will fight for what is right and just.  And I will speak where others can’t.  Mental health needs to be understood.  And this is a fight that can only be won together.

My M.U.D. Life is just my small voice being added to millions of others who are fighting the same battle.  I am NOT alone.  We are NOT alone.


  1. Mental health is a massive problem in the world. More people suffer with it than they want to admit.

    The conversation is needed. Shit happens in life. Things are not always fine and dandy.

    Keep using your voice! ✌🏽😀🙌🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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