The Find Your Way Giveaway!

I was trying to think of an awesome giveaway to do to kick off 2018.  And then it came to me!

Recently, I started making mini rock cairns from beach stones my husband and I had collected a few years ago.  We tumbled and polished the stones to make them smooth, but then I had no idea what to do with them, so I put them in a container on a shelf in my house.  A few weeks ago it finally came to me what to do with these beach stones.  I could make mini rock cairns!

The rock cairn is the symbol of My M.U.D. Life and for good reason.The Meaning of Rock Cairns

Each rock cairn is unique.  They are excellent reminders for yourself or a loved one that you are never alone on this journey.  There are always different paths to take.

Mini rock cairns are available in my Etsy shop, but as a giveaway kick-off for 2018 I will be giving one mini rock cairn away!  This giveaway will run for a week (Mon. Jan. 22 – Mon. Jan. 29) with a winner being randomly chosen on the 29th.

Embrace your path!  Enter today!

Win This Mini Rock Cairn!

Enter Today By Clicking Below!

 The Find Your Way Giveaway!


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