A Sign In A Mystery Box

The past few days I’ve been feeling so lost.  I tripped and fell down the rabbit hole.  I can’t figure out which way is or up or down, or which way I should go.  I feel like I’m losing confidence in myself.  I feel like I will never find my path.  I’ve been praying and praying for a sign that I will be ok.  And would you believe that sign came to me today in the form of a package in my mailbox?

Before my husband left for work, I was telling him how lost I’m feeling.  He keeps telling me I’ll be ok.  That everything will be alright.  That maybe, for now, I need to just rest and trust in the Universe that where I am is exactly where I need to be at this moment.  That maybe I need some time to just find myself again.

As my husband was talking with me, we heard the mailman arrive, so my husband went to get the mail and he came upstairs with a package.  “Who is it for?”  I asked.  He said “It says Joanie.”  I love packages, and I wasn’t expecting anything, so I was excited.

There’s a brand I love called Tiny Devotions.  They specialize in gemstone and crystal mala bracelets, necklaces, rings which are all about embracing your journey and the Universe.  I’ve loved this company for years, but never had enough money to invest in a piece of their amazing jewelry.  Right before New Year’s on Facebook they wrote:

“50 Giveaways! Tiny Devotions is Paying it Forward. Massively.

Who in your life needs a spiritual boost as we enter 2018? We are gifting Tiny Devotions to 50 people (yes, you read that right. Not a typo) looking to shed their current selves and start next year with fresh intentions!

Message us, and tell us in one sentence who they are and why they need an extra boost into 2018.”


My husband nominated me!  I have no idea what he wrote, but apparently Tiny Devotions chose me!!!  And that was the surprise package I received!!!!  Here’s the really awesome thing.  My surprise from Tiny Devotions was EXACTLY what I needed!

In a beautiful box, wrapped in blue tissue paper, was a beautiful Mandala ring.  I immediately put it on, and read the little note card that came with it.  I immediately knew this was the sign I had been praying for!!!

On the outside of the card it says, “The Mandala Collection – The Mandala is a circular matrix with a centre point from which all things are possible.  Mandalas are believed to encourage inspiration, consciousness and meaning.”  Wow!  Inside the card it says:


How powerful is that?  I truly believe it’s a sign that I was gifted this amazing ring!!!  I will definitely wear it everyday!  It means so much to me!  And it’s exactly the message from the Universe that I needed.

“What you think, you become. / What you feel, you attract. / What you imagine, you create.”

I love the beautiful packaging of the Tiny Devotions box too.  And it’s a beautiful, sturdy box that I will keep forever!

I am absolutely in love with my surprise ring from Tiny Devotions.  It truly, to me, is a sign from the Universe that I will be ok.  That everything will be alright.

Visit Tiny Devotions Online:


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