Singin’ & Dancin’ Into 2018 At The Lafayette Theater

Today was the kick-off for the new Classic Film Series: Singin’ & Dancin’ Into 2018 at the Lafayette Theater in Suffern, NY.  This new Classic Film Series runs every Saturday morning at 11:00 am from January 13th to March 31st and trust me, it’s a great way to spend a Saturday!  Each movie only costs $3.00 each or $36.00 for all thirteen films if you join the Classic Film Club.  Check out all the amazing upcoming movies that Lafayette is offering:

Singin & Dancin into 2018 Classics

The cool thing is, all these movies were voted on by the public.  A few weeks ago, Lafayette posted a survey online to get an idea of what movies the public would like to see.  And these amazing classics featured above were the winners.

Today’s movie was Saturday Night Fever from 1977.  Not only is it so much fun going to Lafayette and literally taking a step back-into-time, but it’s even more fun being in that vintage atmosphere and watching a classic movie.  I love Saturday Night Fever and haven’t seen the movie in many years.  It was so much fun watching this amazing film on the big screen!

I was so excited because I finally figured out how to get to sit in the opera box seating!  If you join as a member of the Classic Film Club not only do you get to see all thirteen films but you also get exclusive seating!  This was my first time ever sitting in the opera box seating, and it didn’t disappoint!  You get such a different view of the amazing Lafayette Theater when you sit in the opera boxes, and you get to appreciate this beautiful historic theater in a different way.

Before every Saturday morning Classic Film showing, the organ is played.  Not only is it so beautiful to listen to, but it’s even more amazing to watch!  My mother and I sat in the opera boxes on the side of the theater where the organ is located, and it was so amazing to see the organist play up close!  It is truly an art to play the organ, and you really don’t appreciate it fully until you can see up close how this amazing instrument is played.

And check out how absolutely beautiful the Mighty Wurlitzer sounds in this grand theater!

If you live in the Hudson Valley area and are looking for something fun to do on Saturday mornings, check out the Classic Film Series at Lafayette Theater in Suffern, NY and get Singin’ & Dancin’ Into 2018!

For More Information On The Lafayette Theater:

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