Easy One Bowl Chocolate M.U.D. Cake – Nut Free, Gluten Free & Paleo

The other night my husband and I were looking for a yummy, easy, but healthy dessert.  While looking around online for Paleo desserts, I came across a recipe for a Chocolate Mug Cake.  It sounded delicious and we decided to give it a try.  But, because this is My M.U.D. Life, I am calling my recipe a Chocolate M.U.D. Cake.

Only one bowl is needed to mix all ingredients.

In order to make the recipe, two changes had to be made.  The original recipe called for Almond Flour.  This is a common ingredient in Paleo baking, but unfortunately not one that I can have because I have a tree nut allergy.  The original recipe also called for the mug cake to be “baked” in a microwave.  Since we do not use a microwave in our house, we needed to figure out baking temperature and time for ourselves.

But, despite these two changes, the mug cake came out absolutely AMAZING!  It is super easy to throw together, and healthy.  All real ingredients.  No refined sugars.  Healthy fats.  The fun part of this recipe is you can totally make it all your own.  After the cake is done baking you can mix in chocolate chips, put some strawberries and homemade whipped cream on top, or really just about anything you can think of!

For this recipe I recommend the following brands:

So grab a bowl and let’s get mixing!

Sweet Treats Recipe Card Blog Graphic

To view the original recipe click here.

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