Right Where I Need To Be


My husband told me that as soon as I surrendered to the Universe, my path would become clear.  And he was correct.  So much has happened in the past three days that has just felt right.  I know that right now I am exactly where I need to be, where the Universe needs me to be.

So here are the three things the Universe has taught me in the past three days:

1) On Monday, I went to an in person yoga class at a local studio in my town.  I’ve been to studio yoga classes in the past, and nothing ever resonated with me.  This did.  The practice felt right.  The space felt right.  The vibe felt right.  Everything was exactly what I needed and I left feeling absolutely amazing!  It was the best studio yoga class I have ever taken and I can’t wait to go back!

2) Yesterday, I went on an interview.  Up till now each interview I’ve gone on has not felt right.  The environment never felt right.  The whole situation never felt right, and I knew, since I’m trying to tune into my intuition, that these were not the right places for me.  Yesterday, as soon as I stepped into the office, the vibe felt 100% right!  Everything about the job, what I’d be doing, the people I’d be working with, felt right.  I knew that was where the Universe was pointing me.  And guess what… I got the job!!!  I am so excited to start, and see where this adventure takes me.  I know I will learn a lot, and I am excited for this new beginning!

3) As you all know I’ve been doing a 30 day yoga challenge.  In the past I’ve had problems with exercise bulimia.  In the past I would exercise for outrageous amounts of time and take exercise to a very bad place.  Luckily, I no longer do that, but some of the characteristics of my exercise bulimia still exist, such as the addiction issue.

Two years ago when I did a 30 day yoga challenge, the addiction took hold.  I couldn’t stop.  I was hurting myself, and I would push myself every day to do yoga with no breaks.  Eventually my husband and my mom realized that I had taken yoga to an unhealthy place because if they told me to not do yoga for a day, I would get hysterical and panicky.  They both stepped in and made me stop cold turkey.  It was hard!

It’s two years later and I thought I could do a 30 day yoga challenge again.  I wanted to see if I could take yoga to a healthy place instead of an unhealthy place.  Every day during this challenge, a new video is posted online.  I skipped Monday’s video because I did an in-person studio class.  I knew, even though my brain told me otherwise, that I didn’t need to do a home practice that day.  Yesterday I was going to take as a rest day, but my brain kept telling me I couldn’t skip a day of yoga.  I found myself again where I was two years ago with my brain trying to force me to get on the mat, even though I knew that I needed a rest day and it was healthy and ok to rest.  I reached out to my husband, mom, and health coach for support and they all told me it’s ok to take a rest day.  Still, it was hard to not listen to the voice in my head.

The 30 day yoga challenge has an amazing Kula of like-minded individuals who are also doing the challenge.  I posted about how I was feeling, and so many people lent support.  But one response really resonated with me.  She said:

“As Adriene wrote in her 2018 invitation, ‘Start with Day 1 and do it in 30 days – or do it in 300 days if you like.  If you miss a day, just pick back up where you left off.”

This was like a wow moment for me!  She reminded me that this 30 day yoga challenge I am doing is not a competition against yourself.  It is not about beating yourself up.  It is about self love.  Doing what feels right.  Doing what is right for you.  And finding peace.  I realized that I had thought about the challenge all wrong.  So what if it takes me 30 days to complete or 300 days?  No one is counting.  I am getting on my yoga mat for me.  This is my journey and that is all that matters.

It really helped me to refocus, reanalyze, and see what was important on my journey.  And I realized, I am exactly where I need to be.  So what that I am three days behind?  I’m really not because this is where the Universe needs me, and I need to honor that.  So, instead of doing today’s video, I did Monday’s video since I didn’t do it because I went to a studio class.  And you know what?  It was exactly what I needed!  Monday’s video was all about honoring yourself, finding the light within, and celebrating you!  The Universe knew what I needed!

I think for the past few weeks the Universe has been trying to lead me to where I am right this moment, but I couldn’t see it because I couldn’t surrender.  I couldn’t trust the journey.  And that’s exactly what I needed to do.  When I relaxed, when I left the journey open, the Universe led me to exactly where I needed to be.

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