“I Trust”

A little while ago I found myself getting stuck in my head.  I started worrying about everything going on.  I started worrying about finding a job.  I started worrying about money.  I just started to worry about everything.  As this worry kept building a little voice in my head kept saying, “You need to trust your journey.  You need to trust your path.  You need to trust the Universe.”  The resounding message was “I need to trust.”  As I started concentrating on that little voice it got louder, and instead of letting myself get dragged into the darkness again, I changed my energy towards trust, not worry.


Yesterday I started the True 30 Day Yoga Journey with Yoga With Adriene.  I found that her app, Find What Feels Good is available on Roku, so I’m able to stream the daily practices through my tv which is awesome!  No more trying to stream the practice and watch the videos through a little phone screen or a small tablet screen.  Now, I can watch my daily practice on the big screen.  Here’s the serendipitous thing.  The theme for today’s practice, Day 2, was Trust!!!!

When that dawned on me, I took that as a sign.  I needed to listen to the little positive voice inside my head.  I needed to trust the journey.  And I needed to get out of my head and do something positive.  So I rolled out my yoga mat, took to the mat, and started my Day 2 practice with the mantra of “I Trust” which was exactly what today’s practice was about.

I totally needed this yoga practice today.  It helped me to tune into a better state of mind.  I trusted.  I trusted the yoga practice.  I trusted my body.  I trusted myself.  I trusted my journey.  And I put my trust in the Universe.  Everything will be ok.  I will be fine.  My family will be fine.  I just needed to trust and not let the darkness try to drag me down.


Lani joined me on the yoga mat today, and every so often she would get up and give me kisses.  She too, in her own way, was showing me I need to trust and letting me know that she is there for me.  I went into my yoga practice with a good mindset and came out feeling AMAZING!

I feel calm.  I feel centered.  I pushed the darkness into a far corner of my brain.  I will not let the darkness touch me!  Right now I am sitting on the couch with Lani, diffusing the most amazing blend of oils.  I came across this essential oil blend recipe today.  Another message from the Universe telling me to relax and breathe.26230476_10156991986971982_428423701616302637_n

Today I trust.


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