Madison Reed Radiant Hair Color Kit Review – Sardinia

I LOVE to dye my hair.  It really is a form of expression.  I love changing the color, especially with the seasons.  My hair is naturally a dark brown, and I tend to find it rather depressing.  Usually in the summer I tend to go blonder, in the fall and winter I tend to go redder.  The past few days I’ve been thinking of dying my hair again as it’s been its natural color for awhile.  But, living all-natural tends to give me some challenges when it comes to hair dyes.  I refuse to use just any ‘ol brand that you can buy in a drug store.  I want something that’s all-natural or that is healthier for my hair.  And so, dying my hair now-a-days is a bit of trial and error and experimentation.

Me As A Blonde In 2011 – Back When I Used To Chemically Dye My Hair At The Salon

For the past few years I have been using Naturtint to dye my hair.  Naturtint is ok.  It’s a natural plant-based formulation that includes botanical extracts and no ammonia.  Naturtint is also eco-friendly and free of: parabens, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, heavy metals, artificial fragrance, SLS, or formaldehyde derivatives.  I’ve used Naturtint a few times and liked it, but it’s hard to find stores that stock all their shades, or a certain shade I’m looking for.

Another option I have experimented with was henna.  I started using a henna cream by a brand called Surya Brasil.  Their henna creams aren’t straight henna, but instead contain botanical blends with henna to help color and condition your hair.  The ingredients are plant-based and free of: ammonia, PPD, parabens, propylene glycol, peroxide, resorcinol, metallic salts, artificial fragrance, minerals oils, and GMO’s.  This was definitely the most natural option, and although I liked it and loved how it made my hair feel, it didn’t give me that drastic change I so crave when it comes to dying my hair.  Surya Brasil instead offered only a very natural, subtle change.

So, I was on the hunt again for a hair color that would be healthy for my hair, but also provide me with a good choice of colors, and would provide the drastic change I desire when I want to color my hair.  Recently I started hearing a lot about a brand called Madison Reed.  I’ve checked out their website, and they offer very natural colors.  They also have an easy online quiz you can fill-out to find your recommended shade.  If that doesn’t work for you, you can also text or e-mail a photo of yourself and have their stylists recommend a color for you based on your current hair color.  Up till now you’ve only been able to buy their hair color online, but the other day I found out that Ulta Beauty was now selling their hair color in the store!  I was so excited!  I headed out to my closest Ulta Beauty today to see if they had it and they did!!!


What makes Madison Reed different?  I love how they easily provide recommendations for you and it’s easy to find a hair color that works with your current hair coloring and what you are looking for.  I love that Madison Reed offers a 100% satisfaction “Love Guarantee” which states that if you don’t absolutely love your experience and your color, you can contact them within 30 days of your purchase and they will make it right or refund your money.  I also love that their colors are very natural looking and provide multi-dimensional color.  And, most importantly, I love their ingredients and transparency.

“We’ve partnered with honest and transparent manufacturers in Italy, just outside of Milan—operating under strict EU regulations—to curate a high-performance quality collection of hair color products including our color and gloss.

At the forefront of innovation, we created the first ever Smart 6-Free permanent hair color: Free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, and gluten. And we added hair-loving nutrients including keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract to protect and pamper hair.

We have a keen interest in your well-being. That’s why we design our products with ingredients that nurture your hair and avoid those that don’t. Our Italian color-makers bring a detailed eye and generations of experience to their craft. The result is innovative color made with an unwavering commitment to quality that meets the strict safety standards put forth by the European Union (EU), which bans chemicals not proven to be safe. And, we can all appreciate that.”

Now, although this isn’t the most natural option (it isn’t plant or botanical based for the most part), I do like that they are working with the European Union which has much stricter guidelines for products than we do in the United States.  I also love that there are no unsafe chemicals in their products.  Madison Reed’s products are also cruelty-free.  This is a traditional type of hair color that I can stand behind because it’s definitely a much better option than the typical drug store brands.  It’s on a whole different level.

Madison Reed offers 48 different color options.  After filling out the short quiz, and reviewing the colors recommended for me, I chose to go with Sardinia Red – 6NCG which is described as a “rich auburn with hints of copper and gold.”  I easily found this color in stock at my local Ulta Beauty store.

I was very impressed with the packaging.  It was definitely high quality.  Check out all the goodies that you are given!  Seriously nothing was left out.  They make sure your home hair dying experience is 100% completely stress free.


Not only do you get the hair dye, but you also get:

  • A fully illustrated instruction booklet that is easy to follow
  • gloves – two sets of high-quality black, salon-type gloves that actually fit well!!!
  • barrier cream to keep the dye off your skin
  • a cleansing wipe to clean your skin incase any dye gets on it (works amazing!)
  • one generous amount of Madison Reed Color Protecting Shampoo
  • one generous amount of Madison Reed Color Protecting Conditioner
  • one cap

Everything was super high quality and I’ve honestly never seen a home hair dye kit come with so many extras!  It truly made the home dying experience stress-free and I LOVED that!

Madison Reed’s dye is also drip-free!  It is a super thick, rich cream.  It was so nice not having to worry about dripping.  Usually my bathroom is a mess after I try dying my hair.  So clean up was literally a breeze!  I just had to apply the hair dye evenly all over my head, put the cap on, and wait 35 minutes.  While I waited, it was easy to gather up everything and throw out whatever I no longer needed.

35 minutes on the clock – can’t wait to see my results!

35 minutes later I was able to rinse out my hair.  The directions recommended that you use the second pair of gloves during the rinsing phase.  I loved this because my hands never had to touch the dye.  The dye was super easy to rinse out.  Then I just shampooed and conditioned and I was done!

Look at my amazing results!!!  I am absolutely in love with my color, the entire experience, and my hair feels amazing!  I highly recommend Madison Reed and will probably be using their hair dyes for a long time to come!





Check Out Madison Reed Online:

Please note: This is my own personal review and I have not received any compensation for it.



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