Oola Goals 2018

As we’re heading into the New Year, it was time to revisit this past year’s Oola Goals and make some new Oola Goals for the coming year.  This is something that we started last year, and liked so much we wanted to keep going with it.

This year, we made our own Oola Goal Board.  Last year we used a dry-erase board that we had in the house, but I used permanent markers on it since that’s all we had in the house last year when we made our goals.  I wanted to either get us another dry-erase board for this year, or a chalk board, but my husband made an excellent point.  He said we should again make our Oola Goal Board permanent so we can’t change anything.  He said that we should keep our goal boards to always look back at to see how far we’ve come.  And I loved that idea, so this year my husband cut out a plank of wood, painted it white, sectioned off all the seven columns we needed, and I wrote the seven F’s of Oola in each space, and wrote down our goals as we discussed them.

Before we get to 2018’s goals though, let’s revisit 2017’s Oola Goals.  We did really well, and it was so positive to see!  We didn’t complete everything but out of 21 goals, we completed 12 so I think that is a success!  We put a check mark next to all the goals that we completed this year.


Some of 2017’s Oola Goals appear on our 2018 Oola Goal list because in life, you never stop working towards your goals, even if you accomplish them one year.  The goals that repeat this year are goals that are important to us and are a huge part of our M.U.D. life.  We also added in some new goals for this coming year.


Here are our 2018 goals in more detail:


  • go to the gym at least 3x/week for 30 minutes
  • take hikes
  • bike ride
  • eat healthier

These are all important M.U.D. goals as well, as continuing to do all of the above helps us to live Mindfully, helps us to embrace our own Unique life, and are healthy Decisions that will only further us along our path.  When we are taking care of ourselves, we can live our best lives.  This year we added in “eat healthier” as a goal just to always stay mindful to continue to make healthy food decisions and to keep learning and discovering more about nutrition.


  • pay off Dad
  • grow our savings account
  • put aside money for “wants”
  • pay off Oradell
  • continue living debt free

Living debt free is so important to my husband and me.  We used to be thousands of dollars in debt all because of credit card bills.  We used to buy things we couldn’t afford.  When my husband and I embraced living debt free three years ago, we made a commitment to never again go into the pit of credit cards, and we haven’t.  Living debt free is hard, so you will notice that above we have two people that we owe money to.  Recently we had a life-or-death emergency with Roxie, and had no idea how we were going to pay for what our daughter needed.  My father-in-law graciously stepped in and helped us out, and we have been steadily paying him back ever since.  And when we ended up in the emergency room with Roxie, the hospital graciously agreed to work with us.  There is nothing wrong with taking help when you need it, as long as you appreciate it and pay it back ten-fold, and my husband and I do.  We are happy to say that we are debt free and still, three years later, don’t have any credit cards.  For 2018 we want to not only pay off my father-in-law and the hospital (which will be paid off next month), but we also want to grow our savings account so we do have money set aside for emergencies when need be.  And, since we now do not buy things we can’t afford, sometimes it would be fun to have some extra money set aside for “wants” – things we don’t necessarily need to live, but it would be nice to have.  So, we keep working towards our goals and I’m excited to see where 2018 will take us on our Finance journey.


  • Wanamaker Family Fun Days
  • photo Days
  • adventures
  • visit family more

Some of these are repeat goals from last year.  As you all know, Family Fun Days are a must for my husband and me.  As are adventures.  This past year we were so busy having crazy adventures, we never took the time to actually set aside time for Photo Days, so we are hoping to do that this year.  A new goal for 2018 is to visit family more.  Life can get crazy and complicated, and sometimes you feel like you’re on a roller-coaster that is out of control, but it’s important to visit with the ones who are always there for us, loves us, and support us which is why we made visiting family an important goal for 2018.


  • grow Etsy store
  • “Do what you love, love what you do”

This year we want to create more and spread our joy of crafting with others.  My husband now has a full wood shop up and running, and I’m hoping to get a sewing machine when we have some extra money (this falls into the “want” category under finance), so hopefully we’ll be able to actually start a successful Etsy store.  “Do what you love, love what you do” is a catch-all phase to remind us to keep doing and keep searching for what makes us happy.  It reminds us that no matter what we do in life, we need to have fun.


  • “Make what you can and buy what you can’t”
  • believe in yourself
  • dream big
  • live M.U.D.

Faith for us is our beliefs.  What keeps us going.  What makes us strong.  We need to keep making Mindful Unique Decisions (M.U.D.) to live the best life that we can.  We need to continue to dream big and believe in ourselves no matter what obstacles we come up against, because together we are strong and can overcome anything.  I love the goal my husband came up with, “Make what you can and buy what you can’t”.  This is exactly our beliefs to a T!  We believe in making anything and everything we can, and if for some reason we can’t then it’s ok to buy it, but living off the land comes first.


  • make time for close friends

It’s funny.  For 2017 we actually didn’t have a Friends goal.  We couldn’t come up with anything.  For 2018, though, we finally came up with a Friends goal, to make more time for close friends.  We have one friend in particular that we used to spend a lot of time with.  We’d be over there all the time doing crazy things, and having fun adventures.  But, 2017 brought with it a lot of craziness and we didn’t see this friend as much, and we missed it.  So, for 2018 we are making it a goal to make sure that no matter how crazy life gets, we set aside time for crazy adventures with good friends.


  • Wanamaker Family Fun Days (a Family goal as well)
  • day trips
  • be outside
  • take babies to park
  • hike (a Fitness goal as well)
  • photo days (a Family goal as well)
  • do hobbies that bring us joy

Living M.U.D. for us is all about having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer, so as you will see some of our Fun goals fall into other categories as well.  My husband and I love going on day trips, being outside, hiking, and doing photo days.  These are all Fun things that we get to enjoy together in life.  Last Spring/Summer we started taking the girls to the Dog Park in town again, and they absolutely loved it.  So, for 2018 we made it a goal to take the babies to the Dog Park more often.  And doing hobbies that bring us joy, that’s totally M.U.D.  Hobbies can be anything from my husband’s wood working, to me sewing, to us taking photographs together.  It can be anything, but it’s all about finding that joy in life and having fun.

The last few months of 2017 have been tough for me, but I know that even though I dwelled in the shadows for awhile, I can find the light again, and am starting to find it.  I’m determined to start off 2018 on a good foot, with positivity and light.  My husband and I have so many goals for 2018 and I’m looking forward to knocking each one out of the park.


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