Trying To End The Year On A High Note

I’m trying to end the year on the high note.  I know I’ve not 100% been myself lately.  With everything that has been going on lately, I’ve been struggling.  But, like my husband keeps reminding me, I’m handling everything a lot better than I ever have before.  In the past when situations like this would happen, I wouldn’t be able to function at all.  And this time, I’m somewhat functioning.  Not 100%, but at least I’m going about my day, I’m eating, and I’m still trying to find joy in the everyday, even if it’s hard.

Right now my joy consists of being with my husband and my girls, and spending time with my mom.  I started doing my art again yesterday, and I’m finding that helpful.  So I’m just organically trying to find my happiness and find myself again, and I’m not trying to force it.


I decided today that one step towards finding myself again would be to re-read the books that I have found most helpful in the past.  They are books about looking at life differently, embracing life, and finding your happiness.  There’s four books that I recommend:

  1. Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen
  2. Oola: Find Balance In An Unbalanced World by Troy Amdahl and Dave Braun
  3. Aim True: Love Your Body, Eat Without Fear, Nourish Your Spirit, Discover True Balance! by Kathryn Budig
  4. Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want by Rachel Cruze

These are all books that can teach valuable lessons, offer such amazing insight, and truly help you to think about what you want in life, how to get it, and find what really matters.  I highly recommend all the books above and I myself own all but one of them.  If you’d like to buy any of these books or read more about them click here.


I decided to start my journey back to find myself with Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen.  It’s not just a yoga book.  Rachel offers such amazing insight into not only how yoga and meditation can help you, but also how to realize your dreams, how to embrace the universe, and how to set intentions.  She shares her story and shares how yoga and meditation helped her to find herself.  In her book she offers healthy recipes too, and also step-by-step yoga exercises.  The book is filled with pictures, and it’s truly an uplifting journey for yogis and non-yogis alike.

Rachel Brathen also offers such amazing, life-changing advice.  The first time I read her book, I wrote down many of her quotes.  The one below especially spoke to me today.

“Live high and live low.  Move and stay still.  Embrace all sides of who you are and live your authentic truth!  Be brave and bold and spontaneous and loud, and let that complement your ability to find silence and patience and modesty and peace.  Aim for balance.  Make your own rules and don’t let others tell you how to live according to theirs.”

-Rachel Brathen

Rachel is all about embracing where you are today, using that as a starting pointing, and running with it to see where the Universe takes you.  Her story is all about living and finding your authentic life.


After I finish her book I am going to move on to Oola: Find Balance In An Unbalanced World.  I’ve talked about this book many times throughout my blog.  My M.U.D. Life is powered by Oola.  This book has truly changed me for the better, and I’m looking forward to rediscovering it again and seeing what speaks to me this time around.

Another thing my husband and I will be doing soon is setting our 2018 Oola Goals which I’m excited for!  It’s amazing to set goals, especially ones you have no clue how they will come true, and then watching those goals actually come to life!  Goal setting is a huge part of our M.U.D. Life.


And I’m going to kick off 2018 by embracing Adriene Mishler’s new free TRUE: 30 Day Yoga Journey which begins on January 1st.

“TRUE invites you to go on a ride back to… you.

What feels like you.

How you show up.

How you move.

What feels true?

We will invite flexibility, mobility, and the muscles to tone.  But more importantly we will take the time to feel it out, change it up, and Find What Feels Good.

For 30 Days.”

-Adriene Mishler

So I’m really looking forward to that.  If you want to sign up you can join by clicking here.

I guess there’s no better time then the end of one year and the start of another to try and find yourself.  I’m ending this year by trying to find myself, and will start the new year by embracing who I am and finding my authentic self.  I need to trust that everything will be ok and that the Universe has got my back.


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