This past week was rough, but even in the darkness, there is one thing I am always incredibly grateful for, and that is my amazing husband.

I am incredibly blessed to have the most amazing husband in the world.  He is always there for me, he always has my back, and always supports me no matter what.  He fills my life with love and laughter.  He provides me with strength, and when I start worrying, he helps me to see that everything will be alright.  At the end of the day, nothing else matters but our family and our happiness.

Awhile ago, I wrote the poem below about life, but also about how much love and support my husband gives me.  It seemed very fitting to share this poem with you after the past week that I have had.  I hope you enjoy it.



If I could take the past and erase it

If I could view my mistakes and face it

If I could rewrite the past, would I?

Maybe I could give it another try.

But I am where I am and I’m happy now

Through the good times and the bad times

I continue to make it through somehow.

And I take this life and live it the best I can

And I take these roads and I take your hand

And I know at the end of the darkness is light

I just gotta hold on with all of my might.

The cloudy days will have an end

And I know I will see the sun again.

I just gotta make it through these awful thoughts

And feeling low takes all I’ve got.

So I gotta try to rearrange my thinking

And never give up and keep on winning

Because life has so many paths to choose

And I choose go through this life with you.

For you are always there cheering me on

Being my support and being strong

And with you by my side I know

That we will continue to love and to grow.

And one day I will be like that blossom that blooms

I will cast the dark away and lock it in a room

Because I want to greet each day with a smile

And be with you for a very long while.

So when I feel like giving up I know

That the winds of life are continuing to blow

And that these challenges head on I must face

And never back up and never change pace

For each step is a step in the right direction

And it’s one that I should never question

Because my life is on the right track

And one day I can say “goodbye” to my past.

If there’s one thing that I can be thankful for

It’s that you and me will be together forevermore.



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