“From A Tiny Spark May Burst A Mighty Flame”

9b2072a94d1380475a71c7a72bf0c335--hand-lettering-quotes-handwritten-quoteI truly believe that the Universe is always trying to send us messages.  We just need to listen to become aware of the messages.  All during this week I’ve been hearing the same message repeated over and over, and I know it was the Universe speaking to me.

This week started Hanukkah.  Ever since Hanukkah began I’ve been noticing that a certain message keeps resonating with me.  Every night we add another light to the menorah.  Every night we shine light in the darkness.  But this light is also within us.

The message that has been resounding loud and clear all week is that inside each of us we have our own little spark, the goal is not to let that little flame go out when the darkness threatens to take over.  No, instead we must reach down deep and find the strength to keep fanning that spark until it becomes a mighty flame.  We must keep that flame burning.  Just like the Miracle of Hanukkah where the oil lasted for eight nights when it only should have only lasted for one.  We need to keep our own little spark burning bright and mighty for as long as we can until we are back on solid ground again.

When I finally realized last night what the Universe was trying to show me and tell me throughout this week, I grabbed onto that message and resolved to keep my own inner spark bright.  And it’s helped, finding the strength, and knowing that as long as I can keep that inner spark shining bright, that I will be ok.  I will not let the darkness take me over completely.  I will fight the darkness with my own inner spark and each day that spark with get brighter and brighter until it ignites.  I will be ok.  My family will be ok.  Everything is going to be alright.

I am ok with the hard decision I had to make last night.  I am proud that I didn’t sacrifice who I am and that I went down fighting for what is right.  I can rest easy knowing that I gave it my all, and that now there is a new path that I will find that will lead me on to bigger and better things.

I actually felt good today; the first time all week!  I truly believe it’s because I finally was able to hear loud and clear the message the Universe had been trying to send me all week.  I think I needed the message of Hanukkah to help me navigate my own way out of my darkness, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

I will fan that inner spark  I will not let it go out.  And eventually the spark will become a mighty flame and that mighty flame will add light to the darkness.  It already has.


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