Listen To Your Body


I was going to write all about Hanukkah preparations, since Hanukkah starts tomorrow night.  I was going to share what my husband and I are doing, and our traditions.  But, instead I’m going to discuss something else and that is listening to your body.

Living with Mindful Unique Decisions is always about being honest with yourself, and listening to yourself.  Lately, too many things have been going on and I’ve been literally running nonstop, not giving myself time to rest, not listening to my body, and I’ve been under extreme amounts of stress.  When I ignore all the signs my body is using to tell me to slow down, that’s when I end up with a problem.  That’s when my body takes matters into its own hands and will literally force me physically and mentally to slow down so I don’t have any choice but to listen.  And that’s what happened between yesterday and today.  I got run down.  I got run down so badly, that I couldn’t function today and spent most of the day binge watching Blossom on Hulu and sleeping.

So what happened?  For one, yesterday I woke up and my throat felt weird, then I felt cold all day with no energy.  For another, I am experiencing the worst eczema flare-up I have had in a long time.  Today, I didn’t feel well at all, not to mention that my eczema was making it impossible for me to comfortably do anything today.  It was a bad day, but I got the rest I needed.

My eczema flares up not just from being rundown, but also from stress.  It also doesn’t help that a few weeks ago I removed my hazelwood necklace, meaning to replace it and forgot.  The hazelwood helps to naturally alkalinize my body so I don’t have such bad eczema flareups.  But, removing my hazelwood necklace a few weeks and not replacing it was a dumb move on my part, and now I’m paying the price.

Here’s the thing.  It’s ok to be busy.  It’s ok to do lots of things.  But it’s not ok to ignore your body and the signs it is showing you that you need to slow down.  I’m hoping that since I rested today I will feel somewhat better tomorrow.  I know it will be a few days before I’m 100% again, but I’m listening now and doing what I need to to make myself well again.  And that’s all I can do.


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