The Perks Of Living An All-Natural Life

I love living M.U.D.; living each day making Mindful Unique Decisions.  It’s completely changed my life in so many ways.  And sometimes it hits me just how far I’ve come.  Especially when a Facebook memory post like the one below shows up:


That was five years ago, and honestly since embracing an all-natural life-style three years ago I haven’t gotten so sick that I need to go to the doctors for medicine!  I haven’t been on any antibiotics in over three years!  Before embracing an all-natural life that was unheard of for me.  I would always get sick, and get run down.

So what changed?  I truly believe that eating all-natural, whole foods and no processed foods help.  I am no longer filling my body with chemicals.  Instead I eat food that is pure, whole and good for me.  I exercise a half hour each day around 4-5 times a week.  Sure, sometimes I have desserts, but it’s in moderation.  I try to do things that are good for me mentally and physically and I truly think that all these positive changes have completely improved my health.

My husband and I embraced essential oils.  We drink raw milk.  We make our own yogurt and kefir which is filled with probiotics and prebiotics to make our immune system stronger.  We’ve embraced making our own soaps and shampoos.  We no longer use chemicals to clean the house.  Our laundry detergent is homemade.  Everything about our home environment is natural.

Now, if my husband or I get sick, it’s a lot milder, and we have homeopathic ways to help us get well and back on our feet fast.  I’m not saying there isn’t a time and place for modern medicine, but we have found that since embracing an all-natural life our bodies are stronger naturally and I think that’s truly amazing!

Embracing an all-natural life hasn’t just been good for my mental health (which is what lead us to living M.U.D. in the first place), but it’s also improved our physical health.  I just think it’s so amazing to look back five years and see how far I have come in such a short amount of time.


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