Choose To Shine

I never sit down aiming to write a poem.  Most of the time, I’m just doing normal everyday stuff, and a line or two might hit me.  Once I grab a piece of paper or my phone, sometimes more lines have already formed, as if the poem is writing itself, and I have to frantically scribble or type what is coming to me.  That’s what happened with the poem below.  I was just watching tv, doing some things around the house and the first line hit me and then the rest wrote itself.

I think I know where the seeds of this poem took shape.  I saw my therapist today, and after talking about events that happened last week I told her that I wish I could be like everyone else, that I wish I could just fit in, that I wish things didn’t bother me so deeply.  I’ve said things like this to her before, and my therapist pointed out to me that although I say this, there really are so many things I love about myself and love about being an individual and seeing the world so differently.  And I realized that what she was saying is true.  So much of who I am and what I value about myself is because I stand out and don’t fit in.  I’ve sort of been meditating on this realization all day, and now hours later the poem below came to me.  I hope you like it.


Choose To Shine

The pieces fit together

In ways that are unknown

and life’s experiences show you

where you ought to go.

Paths that you never saw

become within your reach

You start to surprise yourself

by all you can achieve.

The moments seem to fly right by

time might change your dreams

But you will never lose and never forget

the scars that made me, me.

You see the world in different ways

than those around you do

and that’s ok because no one said

what you believe isn’t true.

So you stop trying to be a square

that fits in a round hole

and you appreciate all you’ve learned

and all you’re still to know.

Life has lessons to teach

But it’s better to stand out than fit in

because each of us can shine so bright

and that’s how we will win.


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