Family Fun Day At Bell’s Christmas Tree Farm

The holidays are so much fun in our house!  My husband is Catholic and I’m Jewish so between Christmas lights and Hanukkah lights, the month of December (sometimes November depending on when Hanukkah falls) is always very magical.  It’s a month full of traditions, spending time with loved ones and family, and making new memories.

I’ve always loved Christmas trees.  I’ve always loved how magical they look with their lights and ornaments.  And I love how ornaments can be weaved into memories as well.  My husband always likes to remind me how excited I got during our first Christmas when, for the first time in my life, I had a Christmas tree.  I don’t celebrate Christmas for any religious aspect, but I do celebrate the season and it’s my husband’s holiday.  Just as he celebrates Hanukkah with me, lighting the menorah and doing my Hanukkah traditions, I celebrate Christmas with him and his Christmas traditions.  It makes the holiday season a lot of fun in our house.

The first few years we were together, my husband and I would get a Christmas tree from a tree lot, but I always wanted to go cut down our own tree.  It always looked like it’d be so much fun.  Finally in 2008 we went and chopped down our very own tree.  We loved chopping down our own tree, but the original tree farm we went to was really small and we knew there had to be someplace better for us to make our holiday memories.  And in 2009 we discovered Bell’s Christmas Tree Farm in Accord, NY, and we’ve never looked back.


For eight years now we have gone to Bell’s and every year is just as amazing as the last.  There’s so many trees to discover.  The trees are endless and there are so many different varieties to choose from including: Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, Fralsam Fir, Korean Fir, Fraser Fir, etc…  Up until a few years ago we almost always got a Blue Spruce because they have excellent needle retention and strong branches for heavy ornaments.  Last year we got a Fralsam Fir which is a mix between a Balsam and a Fraser.  This year though we got a Korean Fir.

Having Fun At Bell’s With Kristin

Bell’s Christmas Tree Farm is such an amazing place, and the owners are always so nice.  They actually remember you from year-to-year.  They have a lot of parking, and once you go into the Tree Farm, you just grab a saw and a sled and head on out to explore.  There is a map directing you to where certain trees are, or you can just wander and see what you find.  All trees are very well marked so it’s easy to find the exact kind you want.  And if you don’t know where to start, the owners are always happy to help you out.  My husband and I, we love to just explore!  We spend hours just wandering around, looking for that perfect tree.

This year’s tree that we chose is a 7 1/2 foot Korean Fir.  It’s absolutely beautiful with green needles on top, and silver underneath.  The nice thing about it is that unlike a blue spruce, it’s needles aren’t super prickly.  It’s supposed to have excellent needle retention too and strong branches.  Also it smells amazing!

Our friend Kristin, the owner of Mad Batters Pastries, joined us this year and we had so much fun helping her choose her tree as well.  She chose a beautiful Fralsam Fir and chopped it down herself.

After walking around, and finding our trees, we checked out the fun little gift shop.  It’s so cute and cozy in there and there are always beautiful decorations to check out.  Kristin bought herself a cute snowman ornament.

But, the fun doesn’t just stop at Bell’s.  Once we get home is when the rest of the adventure begins.  My husband and I usually have to cut down our tree a little more to actually make it fit in the house, and this year was no exception.  Then, once we had the tree up it was time to decorate!  It’s so much fun opening up our box of ornaments and pulling out each one.  I’d say about 95% of our ornaments have memories tied to them, so it’s literally like a trip down memory lane for us.  We listen to Christmas songs as we decorate the tree, and along the way there’s tons of laughs.


Once the Christmas tree is all decorated, the really interesting part begins!  When both Roxie and Lani were babies we started our tradition of taking a family photo each year in-front of the tree.  Trying to get the babies to cooperate with us is very interesting and extremely funny.  Lani is not usually the issue, but Roxie, and the faces she makes has lead to some very interesting and memorable family photos throughout the years.

Holiday Family Photos From 2012, 2013 & 2015

This year was no exception, but we finally got our 2017 Official Family Photo.


I love the holiday traditions that my husband and I have.  I love how the babies get excited for the holidays as well.  Whether it’s Hanukkah or Christmas, you can bet our house is full of laughter, love, light, and holiday fun!

To Learn More About Bell’s Christmas Tree Farm Visit:


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