Bits & Pieces: A Compilation of 5 Poems

I haven’t shared a poem in a while, so as I was paging through my various poems tonight I realized that I have many that are just little bits and pieces; never completed, not exactly whole but say something powerful, at least to me.  So I thought I would share with you something a little different, just some of the bits and pieces of a few lines or two that I jotted down either on paper or in my phone as they came to me.

Maybe one day these bits and pieces will turn into something more, but for now they are just little pieces of a whole that is still unknown.


A Compilation of 5 Poems

Untitled 1 (written October 2017)

There’s a sadness in her eyes

And a pity in her sighs

She knows what should have been

And she cries

A month is like a memory

A year is like a song

Days just seem to fly on by

Hours seem so long

Untitled 2 (written September 2017)

We tell the stories

that become

the soundtrack

of our lives

Untitled 3 (written December 2016)



Still framed pictures in my mind



The tears fall and I start to cry

Untitled 4 (written December 2016)

It’ll always be the two of us

against the world

When one stumbles and falls

the other stands tall

Happiness (written November 2014)

Strip away the layers

and you will find

that happiness is relative

it’s all within your mind



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