Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe Featuring Canyon Bakehouse

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  Our Thanksgiving yesterday was filled with food, family, and lots of laughs.  Check out the pictures of our feast:

Our gluten-free stuffing that we made this year was absolutely amazing!!!  We used Mountain White gluten-free bread from Canyon Bakehouse.  If you haven’t tried Canyon Bakehouse’s breads yet, you need to try it!  Their gluten-free breads and bagels are unlike anything you have tasted before.  You would honestly never know they were gluten-free.

We followed a recipe that was published by Canyon Bakehouse for Thanksgiving Stuffing, and added our own spin to it by omitting mushrooms and adding sausage.  This was by far the best gluten-free Thanksgiving stuffing that we have ever made!  It wasn’t soggy or crunchy.  It was the perfect texture!  And super delicious!  We will definitely be making this recipe next Thanksgiving and any time that we want stuffing!

It was amazing to have gluten-free stuffing that tasted good!  It’s something I’ve completely missed the past two years.  Every time we would try gluten-free stuffing, it never lived up to my expectations, or my memories of what stuffing should taste like.  I am so happy that I found Canyon Bakehouse and their amazing products because now I can enjoy gluten-free stuffing that tastes just like stuffing should!


A very special thank you to Canyon Bakehouse for letting me try your amazing products in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for helping me love bread again!

To Learn More About Canyon Bakehouse:


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