Alis Volat Propriis

I’ve always had this thing about flying.  It comes out subconsciously in my poems, my art, and in my writing.  I don’t know if it’s about always rising above, soaring to new heights, rising from the ashes or what.  But the concept of flying holds deep meaning for me.


MantraBand has a bracelet that says “Alis Volat Propriis” which means “She Flies With Her Own Wings” and it just really spoke to me.  It symbolized me and how I live my life.  I connected very deeply with that saying, and I knew it was a MantraBand I would have to get.

Ever since I found out about this MantraBand, I have looked everywhere for it.  Sure, I could order it online, but where’s the fun of the search?  And the thrill of excitement when you do eventually find it?  I decided that I wasn’t going to order this bracelet from online, but instead anytime I found MantraBands in a store, I would look for it.  And if it was there, then it was meant to be.  I was going to leave it up to the Universe to decide when I was meant to find this bracelet.


I had some left over Birthday money, so today my mom and I spent the day together going to the bookstore and then the mall.  We actually had no intentions of going to the mall, but after the bookstore I suggested it as it was right down the road.  So to the mall we went.

As we were walking around the mall we saw this one store that looked really neat, so we went in.  As I started walking around the store, I saw they had MantraBands, so of course, like I always do, I went over to the display to see if they had the one I have been looking for.  And there it was!  In a beautiful gold band.  One of a kind.  I couldn’t believe it!  I have been looking for this one for months and I finally found it!  And best of all, I was able to use Birthday money for it, so it was literally like it was meant to be.

I LOVE the mantra that comes with this bracelet.  Check it out:

Such a powerful mantra!  Always spread your wings and fly.  Always be you.  Be unique.  Always rise above.  Alis Volat Propriis – She Flies With Her Own Wings.

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