Adulting Is Hard – Let’s Play A Game!

My husband and I suck at “adulting” i.e. doing domestic things around the house.  We are such free-spirits.  We’d rather spend our time going on adventures, being outside, exploring, and doing art than clean our house.  We’re not good at it.  But, sometimes you just need to “adult.”


Years ago our house was a wreck.  “Adulting” went straight out the window and honestly was never thought about.  There was actually a point where we had so much stuff in our living room that we made a small clear path so you could walk through without bumping into anything.  We probably would still be this way if it wasn’t for Roxie.  When we brought her home we quickly realized we needed to grow-up fast and baby-proof the house.  Our house is a lot less cluttered now-a-days, and for the most part we can keep our house semi-clean, but laundry still needs to be done, carpets need to be vacuumed, dishes needed to be washed, etc… and this is where we still struggle.  But, on days when we have to “adult” we found a way to make it fun.  What do we do?  We make it a game!

Our Roxie Girl

When Roxie was a baby we taught her to answer “yes” and “no” questions.  We’d ask her to sit and then ask her question.  For example, we might ask Roxie “Should we have chicken tonight?” then, usually my husband, will put his right hand out and shake it and say “Yes?” and then put his left hand out and shake it and say “No?” then we’d wait to see which hand Roxie picks.  I think sometimes we use our baby girl like a Magic 8 Ball.  When we can’t make decisions like where to eat out we will ask Roxie and go with whatever she tells us.  So, when we need to “adult” and we don’t want to (which is always), we ask Roxie to help us.

What must have happened to our Cleaning Fairy!

Our living room was getting out of hand recently.  So we wrote down on slips of paper all the parts of the living room that had to be cleaned: fireplace, chair, TV, floor, coffee table.  Then we held up each slip of paper and read them to Roxie and placed them on the floor in-front of her.  Once all the papers were on the floor we asked Roxie, “Where should we start?”  The first paper she chose was chair, then floor, then coffee table, then fireplace, then TV.  And once we knew the order we got started.

We worked on cleaning everything off of the chair in the living room.  Once we completed that, before we were able to move on to the next task we asked Roxie, “Does the chair look ok?” to which she replied “yes”.  Then we started working on the floor, picking up various things, vacuuming and shampooing the rug.  Again, when that was done we asked Roxie, “Does the floor look ok?” to which she replied “yes”.  While we cleaned, we did get one “no” from Roxie.  Apparently our coffee table cleaning skills were not up to par, so we had to go back and clean some more until she gave us the all clear.  When we got around to the fireplace, my husband and I were tired.  So we asked Roxie if we could take a break.  She gave us a look and reluctantly said, “yes”.19074-game2btime2blogo2bcropHere’s the thing.  Cleaning is no fun.  “Adulting” is no fun.  But sometimes you need to do things you don’t want to do.  Yes, we’d much rather be out and about having adventures, but sometimes you need to buckle down and get things done.  So why not make them fun?  Why not make simple household tasks into a game?  When you make unpleasant tasks into a game you actually have fun, you find yourself laughing and things don’t seem quite so overwhelming.

So when you get stuck make it a game… or ask a bulldog!


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