Love Bread Again With Canyon Bakehouse – Gluten-Free


I haven’t had a bagel in three years!  I used to eat bagels all the time, but once I found out that many of my health issues were due to gluten, I gave them up.  Originally when I first got diagnosed I tried eating gluten free bagels, but they never compared.  They didn’t taste correct.  The texture wasn’t correct.  So for three years I haven’t eaten any bagels.

The other day I was online and I came across Canyon Bakehouse.  They make gluten-free breads and bagels.  Their mission statement pulled me in: “Our Mission Is Simple – We Want You To Love Bread Again.”  Not only did this statement catch my attention, but as I looked through their website and read about their products, their company seemed so different.  All their products are made with real ingredients.  Nothing fake.  Nothing processed.  Take a look at the ingredients for their Deli White Bagels:


Their products are made from items that you might have just sitting in your pantry at this very moment.  Another thing that I liked was not only are their products 100% whole grain, they are also non-GMO, dairy, soy and nut free.  They offer many different varieties of breads and bagels.


Canyon Bakehouse products are not hard to find either.  On their website they have an easy-to-use store locator.  They can be found in national chain stores such as Walmart, Target, Stop & Shop as well as local health food stores.

This morning after the gym my husband and I stopped at Walmart and bought a package of Canyon Bakehouse’s Deli White Bagels.  There were four bagels in the package.  We decided, as a special treat, that this morning we were going to have a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich on a bagel, which I haven’t had in three years!  I was so excited!  We had farm-fresh eggs at home, all we needed was some American Cheese and uncured bacon.

We toasted the bagels and then loaded it up with bacon, eggs, and cheese.  I had such high hopes for Canyon Bakehouse’s bagels.  Would they taste like a real bagel?  The answer is YES!!!  They were PERFECT!  Honestly, you would never know they were gluten-free!  They toasted just like a regular bagel.  The texture was correct.  The taste was correct.  My husband completely agreed with me.  These were the most amazing gluten-free bagels we have ever had!  Our breakfast was amazing!

My first Bacon, Egg & Cheese On A Bagel In 3 Years!

I’m so excited that I found Canyon Bakehouse.  Now I can actually eat bagels again as a special treat.  I can’t wait to eat lox with cream cheese on a bagel!!!!  I can’t wait to eat cream cheese and jelly on a bagel!  I can’t wait to try their breads as well.

For Thanksgiving my husband and I make our own stuffing.  For the past three years our stuff has been ok, but definitely not amazing.  I’m excited to make our stuffing this year using Canyon Bakehouse’s bread!  If their breads are anything like their bagels, I know our stuffing is going to be out of this world!

A very special thank you to Canyon Bakehouse for letting me try your amazing products in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for helping me love bread again!

To Learn More About Canyon Bakehouse:



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