DIY Autumn Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

No, thanks!  I’ll make my own!

You know how this time of year, if you walk past a Bath and Body Works store, you can smell the fall scents inside?  Then, if you walk in, you are immediately drawn to the colorful, fun displays showing off all the autumn and Halloween soaps, lotions, etc…? Then you open them up and smell them?  Sure, you can buy that Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Foaming Hand Soap, but why not make your own?  When you make your own foaming hand soap you will know exactly what’s in it, that it’s 100% natural, not to mention they make great gifts, and it’s lots of fun too!

Essential Oils are amazing because you can do so much with them.  Not only can they make your house smell great, or help to sanitize and disinfect, but you can also use them in personal care products such as lotions, lip balms, and even foaming hand soap.  And it’s not hard!  You just need a few items and you’re ready to get started.

The first thing you need is essential oils.  I LOVE Young Living and I 100% stand behind their brand.  Besides essential oils, you need unscented liquid Castille Soap.  I recommend Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Liquid Castille Soap.  By using unscented you can add your own essential oils creating your own scent combinations.  Then the only thing you need is a foaming soap bottle.  You can buy a package of three foaming soap bottles right on Amazon for $11.98.  That’s great if you plan on gifting your creations!  Once you have all your supplies you’re ready to start mixing!

Below are two fun recipes, one for Pumpkin Spice and another for Autumn Walk, but you can totally make your own!  Have fun creating your own fun fall combinations.  Experiment!  That’s part of the fun of making things with essential oils.

Why buy when you can make your own?


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