A Blast From The Past Circa. 2003

I’ve always written poetry.  Some have survived the years, and others have not.  Most of my earliest stuff is gone, but I do have a lot of poetry I wrote as a teenager.  Notebooks filled with completed poems or just starts of poems.  I figured I haven’t shared a poem on here in awhile, so I thought I would share one tonight, and I figured, why not pull out some of my really old stuff.

A lot of different things were going on when I was a teenager.  I was in a really bad place for many years, and it wasn’t until I was turning 18 that I finally got diagnosed and finally put on medication.  A lot of poems from when I was a teen were angry, or sad, or just trying to work through normal teenage issues.  I read through a lot of my old poems tonight.  Some I remember writing, some I don’t.  But, a lot make me want to reach out to that girl I was and let her know that everything was going to be ok, that she wouldn’t believe what surprises the future had in store for her.

I still struggle with some of the same problems I did back then, but so much has changed.  I have such an amazing life.  I honestly sometimes think I’m dreaming.  I have the most amazing, supportive, loving husband and two wonderful furry daughters.  I never could have imagined the life I have now in my wildest dreams!

While I was reading through my poems filled with hopelessness and despair, I actually came across one poem that seemed to stand out.  In a sea of depressive poems this one seemed very uplifting and optimistic.  I wrote it on March 30th, 2003.  I don’t know what caused me to write it.  I don’t know what inspired it.  But, judging from the date, at this point I had now been on medication for roughly four months, and I know in that short amount of time I started to feel like I finally had control over myself emotionally and physically.  Getting diagnosed and on meds was literally the very first small step that I made in a journey I am still walking today.  The poem doesn’t have a title, but I hope you enjoy it’s overall optimistic message.



When a minute

Seems like an hour

And an hour

Seems like a day

And time passes so slowly

That tomorrow seems like a year away

Do not worry what will happen

Do not fear what will come

Just live for this moment

Don’t be scared of anyone

Your life is yours to live

Opportunity is yours to take

Mistakes will always happen

Life is truly what we make

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