Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix Recipe – Gluten-Free

Sloppy Joe Sauce

At the beginning of each week, my husband and I meal plan.  It helps us to not only prepare our meals in advance, but also to make sure we are eating healthy, even if we are on the run.  We decided this week that we would make a huge pot of sloppy joes.  Usually, we go to the supermarket and buy a prepacked gluten-free sloppy joe seasoning mix, but this time we decided to make our own mix and OHMYGOODNESS!!!  It came out absolutely amazing!!!  Better than any mix that you could buy in the store.  But it also came with a story, that I couldn’t make up if I tried.


I always compare myself to an I Love Lucy episode.  You won’t believe the things I’ve done and messes I’ve gotten myself into.  I am a real live I Love Lucy episode.  The other day when my husband and I decided to make our own sloppy joe mix, I started searching online for recipes, and I came across one.  The thing was, the way I read it, this mix was only for one pound of beef.  We were using three pounds of venison.  So, common sense says triple everything.  No problem!

So my husband browned the meat, and I started reading him the recipe, tripling all amounts.  He would measure everything out and throw it in the pot of venison.  Once all the spices were mixed, we added our tomato sauce and tasted.  It was absolutely AMAZING, but boy did it have a kick!  But no worries.  I like my food a bit spicy.

Later that night, my husband and I sat down to eat dinner.  We were really enjoying it, and were commenting on what a kick it had.  Something made me pick up my phone and reread the recipe.  And guess what!  The recipe for the seasoning mix wasn’t for one pound of beef!  It was supposed to be mixed up in a mason jar and you were only supposed to use 3 teaspoons TOTAL of the seasoning  mix!  The mix was meant to last for six months in a mason jar!  Instead of mixing the seasoning in a mason jar, and using a little bit I tripled EVERYTHING and had my husband put it all in the pot AT ONE TIME!  No wonder it had a kick!  Now we know for next time, but it sure gave us a laugh.

So remember, when you make the following recipe, mix up a batch in a mason jar.  Store it in a cabinet, and only use a little bit at a time.

Sloppy Joe Seasoning Mix - Gluten-Free (1)

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