Make Your Mark

Recently I’ve seen how little small random acts of kindness can change your day.  A lot of people are embracing the idea of making and hiding inspirational rocks for others to find.  My husband found one the other day when we went bike riding and it was awesome!  I was so excited when he found one, the saying on the rock was so uplifting, and I loved the idea of hiding the rock for another person to find as a way to pass the positivity on.


A few weeks ago I had three custom stones made in Rachel’s memory by My Roaming Rocks which also works on the same principle.  Those three stones brought my mother and I such comfort and peace and are helping us to keep Rachel’s memory alive.  It’s amazing how one small simple thing can make such a difference.  And, it’s because of these two events that happened recently that I decided I too want to help in some small way to spread positivity, inspiration, and brighten someone’s day which is how Make Your Mark was born!

I’ve been kind of mulling this idea around for a few days.  I want to make painted inspirational rocks too, but I also wanted to do something that was completely my own and very me.  I love books.  I work in a library.  As a child I collected bookmarks.  I always loved how bookmarks can be little pieces of art.  I still have my collection from when I was a child.  So, I started thinking, why can’t I make inspirational bookmarks to help spread positivity?  I just needed a name.

I mentioned this idea to my husband last night and he came up with “Find Your Mark” which I LOVED.  But, then I realized if I changed the word “Find” to “Make” it has even more power.  By making these inspirational bookmarks and hiding them in books at libraries or cafes or other local places, I am making my mark by doing a small random act of kindness.  When someone finds one of my bookmarks they can either choose to keep the bookmark for themselves, or pass it on and make their mark.  It seemed so perfect!

The First Six Bookmarks – #MakeYourMark

Last night I designed six bookmarks to start.  I’m going to keep three to hide in certain places, and I’m going to give my mom three to hide at the college where she works.  Each bookmark has an inspirational saying, is numbered (Mark #1, Mark #2, etc…), provides you with a hashtag (#MakeYourMark), and directs you to this website.  Last night I created a new page on My M.U.D. Life just for Make Your Mark that explains how it works, and how I came up with the idea.

Make Your Mark has a Facebook page.  I set it up as a community page so others can share the bookmarks they found as well as information about where they found it and if they hide it for someone else to find.  I’m not crazy about Facebook, but I thought that setting Make Your Mark up with one was a positive way to connect.

Each bookmark is also hand colored by me and no two are alike.  I think Make Your Mark fits in perfectly with My M.U.D. Life.  I still need to laminate the bookmarks and cut them out before I can hide this first batch, but I’d love to know what you think.  Comment below and help Make Your Mark!

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