MantraBand Giveaway Week One: It Is What It Is

Giveaways are awesome!  They are Oola and they are M.U.D.  I wanted to do a giveaway that meant something, that could help uplift you.  I LOVE mantras.  I think they are so helpful, especially at times when you need to remind yourself that you are strong and you can see yourself through anything.

I teamed up with MantraBands to offer you a bracelet that can do just this!  For the next three weeks I will be featuring a MantraBand with a positive affirmation on it.  Each week’s mantra will be different.  Each mantra was chosen by me and is will help you live with Mindful Unique Decisions.  The giveaway will run from Sunday to Sunday with the winner being announced at the end of the giveaway week.  There will be one winner per week, with winners randomly chosen.

This week’s MantraBand features the very powerful mantra: “It Is What It Is”.

“It Is What It Is”.  I chose this MantraBand bracelet for you because my new therapist repeats this to me every time I meet with her.  It is to remind me that I’m not always in control and that is ok.  Sometimes “It Is What It Is” and I have to let go.  I need to accept things that happen instead of trying to control them.  She even wrote this mantra for me on a post-it note which I put in a location that I see everyday.  It is a powerful mantra and one that helps you stay in the now, and one which I think is very M.U.D.  Follow the link below to enter.

A very special thank you to MantraBands for providing the bracelets for this giveaway.

Enter Now!  Click The Link Below!

Week One: MantraBand “It Is What It Is” Bracelet


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