My Roaming Rocks: “Spreading Hope, Peace and Love One Rock At Time”

I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a friend of mine posted a picture of these beautiful painted stones.  It turns out her mother made them.  She calls them “My Roaming Rocks” and I love the story behind them.


“My Roaming Rocks began as a small acts of kindness project. When my father turned 80 years old I couldn’t think of what to get the man who had everything, so I decided to do 80 acts of kindness in honor of him. I began painting tiny pink hearts on rocks and leaving them for people to find and hopefully give them a smile. This was random act of kindness #68. From there I began painting more rocks and more designs and it just kept evolving into what it is today. And what is it today? It’s about spreading hope, peace and love one rock at a time. I’ve sent many of my painted rocks out into the world hoping for someone to find them and find joy in finding them. If you happen to be lucky enough to find one of My Roaming Rocks please post a picture of it, mention @my roaming rocks, and relocate it for someone else to find. Thank you for being a part of My Roaming Rocks ♥”

“Spreading hope, peace and love one rock at a time.”  I LOVE that!  It’s so M.U.D.  As soon as I saw her painted rocks, I knew that this would be the perfect item to honor Rachel’s memory and to bring to the cemetery when my mother and I visit her.


In the Jewish faith instead of leaving flowers, you leave stones when you visit a cemetery.  Rachel, though, had her own traditions and always left fresh flowers at the graves of her parents whenever she visited, even though she was Jewish.  I’m sure the stones we are supposed to leave when visiting her grave are supposed to be unadorned, but like I said Rachel had her own traditions, and as soon as I saw My Roaming Rocks, I knew this was something she would have absolutely loved.  I knew it was a perfect way to blend our Jewish traditions with something that was completely Rachel and represented her and her memory.

I wrote to my friend and asked if her mother could make me a custom painted rock and she said yes!  I was so excited and when I told my mother, she was excited too.  I asked if the stone could say “Life Is Good” because that had become Rachel’s motto these last few months, and my friend said her mother could definitely do that.

22070325_10100991544369279_67740827_oBack in June when Rachel got very sick, she embraced the motto “Life Is Good” and lived by those three words.  Her last few months were amazing, and her and my mother did so much this past summer, enjoying Life.  Going on adventures.  Even her last day was spent making plans and living not just for today, but for the future.

Today my friend brought me my custom Roaming Rocks and I was blown away!  They are even more beautiful than I could have imagined!  I immediately sent my mother a picture too and she absolutely loved them.  We can’t wait to bring them to Rachel on Friday when we are going to the cemetery.


And what My Roaming Rocks stand for, “Hope, Peace and Love” fits in so perfectly with Rachel’s motto of “Life Is Good”.  I’m so happy that my mom and I are able to honor her memory in this way.

Each Roaming Rock has instructions on the back of how to share the “Hope, Peace and Love” with others.  I don’t know where Rachel’s rocks will eventually end up.  But, I hope when people find the rock and visit the My Roaming Rocks Facebook page, they can read about Rachel and who she was.  And through My Roaming Rocks her memory will live on.


For More Information On My Roaming Rocks Check Out:

To Read Rachel’s Story Click Here:



  1. I’m so glad you and your mom love the rocks. I’m sorry that you had to ask for them for such a sad occasion, but glad that My Roaming Rocks could bring a little bit of joy to visiting your mother’s friend. 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you ❤️ Your rocks are so beautiful and they have such deep meaning. I’m so glad that they can be a lasting tribute to Rachel and honor her memory. Thank you soooo much ❤️


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