Be Healthy & Smart With Hidrate Spark 2.0

Back in July I made it a goal of mine to work on staying hydrated.  I’m known for going about my day and forgetting to drink.  And I know that is not healthy.  I knew something needed to change.

Back in July I started experimenting with a little device called Ulla which attached to my water bottle.  It was a good first step.  It became a tool to help me be mindful of drinking.  If I didn’t pick up my water bottle within a 30 minute time frame, Ulla would blink at me, and that was great.  It helped me start making those baby steps towards making hydration a priority.  But, in order for it to work I had to keep attaching Ulla to my water bottle, and sometimes I didn’t.  Sometimes I would forget.  And in those cases, I fell back into old habits.

I had known about smart water bottles before I got Ulla, but I didn’t feel back in July that I was ready for that step.  I wanted to take baby steps towards my hydration goal, and honestly I was a little scared about using a smart water bottle.  Another thing I’m great at is obsessing over things (i.e. exercise, the scale, numbers).  I was afraid that using a smart water bottle that linked to a phone app would cause me to become obsessed.

But, you know what?  I’m a lot stronger than I think.  I didn’t make myself obsessed using Ulla all summer, and that didn’t link to an app.  But, even though it was a very basic tool, it was still something I could have obsessed over, and I didn’t!  So when Hidrate reached out to me two weeks ago and asked if I’d be willing to test out their product, the Hidrate Spark 2.0 in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the chance!  I felt I was ready and strong enough to take my goal of staying hydrated to the next level.


I chose a purple Hidrate Spark 2.0 and anxiously awaited it’s arrival in the mail.  When it came, I was so excited to try it.  I couldn’t wait!  Hidrate Spark is a really nice, lightweight water bottle that is super high quality.  I love that it comes with a finger loop so it’s easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Before I get to the Hidrate Spark itself, I want to talk about the box.  I know the box can seem so minor, but in the case of the Hidrate Spark it’s such a great little tool and introduction to getting to know how the Hidrate Spark 2.0 can help you.  For example, one side of the box lists the benefits of water and staying hydrated:


The other side of the box explains the Hidrate Spark’s special features:


Another really great thing I learned from the box is that the Hidrate Spark 2.0 requires no charging!  It contains a replaceable battery and actually includes extra batteries!

22050535_10100990780250579_2125591948_oI know the box can seem so minor, but one thing I have learned on my health journey throughout these past three years is its important to educate yourself as much as you can, and reading the box before using the Hidrate Spark really helped me to see how it could help me on my hydration journey, and also why it’s important to stay hydrated.

The Hidrate Spark uses a downloadable app which you can easily download from the App Store for Apple Devices and Google Play for Android Devices.  The app is free and is easy to install.  It’s such a great app because not only does it sync with your Hidrate Spark through Bluetooth, but it also helps you set up your bottle properly through your profile.  Once you start setting up the Hidrate app it will ask you for your birthday, height, weight, sex, and activity level.  This all helps the app to get to know you better and calculate your hydration needs.

The Hidrate App even sends you these cool reminders if you want reminding you to drink – each one is funny and different

The Hidrate app does not just give you a random arbitrary number for how much water you should drink.  No, actually it does the complete opposite!  Hidrate takes into account that each day your hydration needs will change based on your environment (i.e. temperature, humidity, elevation) and your activity level (you can pair Hidrate to work with various devices such as the Apple Health Kit, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, etc…).  I immediately paired my Hidrate app up with Apple Health to track my steps and the MapMyFitness app to track my exercise.  I noticed that the days I was most active, Hidrate would up my recommended goal for the day because I needed more hydration.

In the week that I’ve been using Hidrate and the Hidrate Spark 2.0 I’ve been so amazed at seeing how each day my total hydration goal is different.22053163_10100990833279309_997141321_nI am proud to say that I didn’t become obsessed at all!  I decided to make it my own personal goal to reach at least 50% of my hydration goal for the day.  If I met my total goal that would be completely awesome, but as long as I got to at least 50% I would be happy.  And I did that each and every day, and some days I totally surprised myself and hit my total goal!  The point for me was to make sure I stay hydrated and take small baby steps towards making hydration a healthy habit for me, and Hidrate Spark 2.0 has completely helped me do that.


One of my favorite features with the Hidrate Spark is how easy it is to customize it to your preferences!  The Hidrate Spark will glow to let you know that you are falling behind your goal.  The cool thing is, it’s completely customizable!  Through the Hidrate app you can set how many glows you want to see, how the bottle should glow (Always Remind Me or Only When I’m Behind), a Celebration Glow for when you reach your daily goal, and even different glow types (ex. Default: White consists of 1 white light pulse, Flash: Color consists of 5 cover light fast flashes repeated 3 times over 30 seconds, etc…).  There are so many options.  I set my bottle for the following:

  • Number of Glows: 10
  • Glow to “Always Remind Me” (Bottle will glow regardless of your daily progress)
  • Celebration Glow
  • Glow Type: Flash: Alternating (5 alternating white then colored light fast flashes repeated 3 times over 30 seconds)

These settings definitely helped me to stay hydrated, and if I forgot to drink my bottle gently glowed reminding me to take a sip.

Throughout the past week I have taken my Hidrate Spark everywhere!  It is so easy to use, and it makes staying hydrated fun!  It has truly helped me to take my hydration goal to the next step, and seriously it is now my new favorite healthy tool!  It’s so easy to grab and go.

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Has Helped Me Learn That Goals Change Everyday

There were a few things that I learned this week that I was amazed by.

  1. I always thought staying hydrated would be hard, especially meeting a recommended goal.  But with Hidrate Spark I have been so surprised to see that it is easy!  I fill my water bottle up to the fill line, and just drink throughout the day.  When I need more water, I refill my water bottle.  Before I know it, without even trying, I have either met 50% or more of my goal or even met and exceeded my daily hydration goal for the day!
  2. It can be fun making staying hydrated a goal.  There’s no need to obsess over numbers.  Just drink water and have fun, and Hidrate Spark has totally helped me with that.  Sure, it’s cool going on the app to see my progress for the day, but ultimately, Hidrate Spark has been helping me to create a healthy habit: always have a filled water bottle with me, drink throughout the day, and if I forget a gentle glow will help me get back on track.
  3. I work so hard on living a healthy lifestyle, but staying hydrated was always so hard for me.  Through Hidrate Spark I have learned that each day my hydration needs will vary based on my activity level and environment, and I love that that helps me to be more aware!  I never really took that into consideration before, and I like that Hidrate doesn’t promote just one set number for everyone every single day.  Just like life, there are peaks and valleys.  Some days you need more water and other days less.  I LOVE the mindful aspect of the Hidrate Spark.

I am so happy that I got to try this awesome product.  It has COMPLETELY changed my life and I will use the Hidrate Spark 2.0 everyday!

Making Mindful Unique Decisions With Hidrate Spark 2.0 #MyMUDLife

There was only one con I found.  The Quick Start Guide found inside the Hidrate Spark 2.0 box was a little hard to follow.  Ultimately, the goal is to make sure you have a water tight seal on your water bottle so there are no leaks, but the initial instructions telling you how to ensure this were a little convoluted.  The images were not very clear, nor for me were the written directions.  I ultimately figured out what the directions were trying to tell me to do, and once I figured that out I was ok.  But, I wish the images were a little clearer, or even better would be if the company provided a link to a video you could watch to help you setup your bottle for a watertight seal.

But that was my only con.  Other than that the Hidrate Spark 2.0 is AMAZING and if you really want to take your hydration goals to the next level, definitely buy yourself one.  It’s amazing how much the Hidrate Spark has helped me in only a week and I’m excited to see where I will be in one month!

Want To Learn More About Hidrate Spark 2.0?

A very special thank you to Hidrate for letting me try Hidrate Spark 2.0 in exchange for an honest review.  I absolutely LOVE my Hidrate Spark 2.0 and it helps me to make healthy decisions everyday!



  1. I purchased a white hidrate spark when it first came out last year because I thought the concept was so awesome! For the first couple months, I loved my hidrate spark for the most part (you couldn’t see it glow.. at all). I was mainly using it for tracking my water intake and would just go by the phone notifications. Unfortunately, it started to leak pretty bad and when I contacted the company, they sent me a replacement screw on top. That only helped for a week. Eventually, the replacement started leaking as well😑. I’ve been using my Camelbak ever since. I saw that hidrate spark came out with a 2.0 bottle though, and have been tempted to try it out especially because it has a brighter and different color light. I’m glad you had a great experience with it though! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    • Hi 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the original Hidrate Spark 😦 I would definitely say with the 2.0 they have solved that problem. It’s probably why the setup for the bottle to ensure a water tight seal is so intricate. I hope you get a chance to try the 2.0. I’ve taken my bottle to work, the gym, in my car, on hikes with no problem. So I highly recommend the 2.0 🙂

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