Meet Lani

Yesterday I introduced you to Roxie, and tonight I am going to introduce you to my other daughter, Lani.

Lani’s first day home (left) and Lani at craft fair (right)

Lani was born on July 15, 2011 and joined our family on September 9, 2011.  Roxie was a year old at the time and fell in love with her sister right away.  Since Lan was so small, I was worried about letting her play with Roxie right away, and my plan was to slowly introduce them, but the girls had other ideas.  Lani immediately jumped off the couch and ran up to her big sister, and literally the rest is history.

12510467_10100542439713609_3744164265415968626_nRox has loved her baby sister since day one, and although she sometimes acts like she is too cool and doesn’t really care, she absolutely has her sisters’ back.  I have caught Roxie kissing Lani or cuddling with her when they are sleeping.  And Rox will always come to Lani’s defense.  The girls have a little yorkie cousin named Penny.  Penny and Lani are best friends.  Even though Penny is much smaller than both of my girls, she sometimes plays rough with Lani, and if Roxie doesn’t like what is going on, she immediately gets involved, stands between Penny and Lani and protects her sister.  It’s amazing the bond they have.

Now before I start telling you about Lani, I want to tell you about her name because it’s very important.  First off, her named is Hawaiian and is pronounced LAH-KNEE.  A lot of people pronounce is like LANE-IE.  Why is Lani’s name important?  To explain I have to back up a little bit.

In the Jewish religion you are named after loved ones who have passed.  I myself am named after an uncle who passed in the Holocaust and an aunt who passed before I was born.  Traditionally you take the first letter of the person’s name who you will be named after.  Before I had Lani, or even Roxie, I had a little teacup yorkie named Sky.  I lost her when she was 8 years old and I was devastated.  I loved Sky so much, and I knew that any future baby of mine I would want to name after Sky.  I wasn’t sure though if I wanted to do another “S” name, so I wasn’t sure what to do.  One day, shortly after I found out Lani was coming home, I was researching names online.  I came across the name Lani which in Hawaiian means “Heavenly sky”.  It was so perfect!  So Lani is named after her older sister, Sky who she never met.

Lani is an Australian Labradoodle.  Unlike regular labradoodles which are straight lab and poodle mixes, Australian Labradoodles are multi-generational and further back in their lines other breeds were added to the mix.

Australian Labradoodles are different from all other Labradoodles.

In the early days, the Australian Labradoodle was simply a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle. Dogs from this cross typically were bred to each other over future generations, whereby the Australian Dogs are also know as ” multi-generational” Labradoodles. The Vision was to Create a dog who was born and bred to assist sick and disabled people, particularly those who suffered from dog related allergies.

 Then, in the late 1980’s Rutland Manor and Teagan Park, the two founders of the Australian Labradoodles as we know them today, began carefully infusing several other breeds into early generations of their lab/poodle crosses, to improve temperament, coat, confirmation, and size. The infused breeds include Irish Water Spaniel as well as the English Cocker Spaniel. The resulting Labradoodles subsequently have been bred to each other continuing the multi-generational tradition.”

I was drawn to the Australian Labradoodle breed because, not only are they adorable, but they are known as wonderful therapy dogs which was very important to me as I suffer from anxiety and depression.  Lani’s mother, Desiree’s Diva, came from a long line of therapy dogs whose mother was a direct import from Rutland Manor.  Diva’s own father was a direct import from Tegan Park, so Lani has direct lines from both founding breeders in Australia.

Lani was so tiny when I brought her home, but she quickly grew and it’s so hard to remember her being so tiny.  Whereas Roxie is my child who keeps me on my toes, Lan is my daughter who is so relaxed, and go with the flow.  She is a very calming, loving presence in my life.

14191913_10100673094989389_7560947951993205402_nLani loves cuddling with me, and she gives the most absolutely wonderful hugs around!  She stands up and loves to wrap her two front arms around my neck.  She gives me multiple hugs each and every day without me asking.  She is pure love.  If I sit on the couch, she is right next to me.  If I’m sleeping, you can bet that most times she will be curled up right next to me.

She is also extremely funny.  I call her my little kangaroo or a little bunny because she LOVES to jump!  She is constantly leaping in the air, especially when she’s excited!  And when she gets really excited I’ve seen her jump right over Roxie!  She is very poodle-y in the way that she loves to stand up, walk on her hind legs, and jump.  She constantly brings a smile to my face.

Now, I’m going to tell you an amazing Lani story that shows just how amazing her therapy lines are.  One summer when Lani was about two years old, my mother and I took her to a local craft fair.  We were walking around and Lani was having a great time.  We came across a group of handicap adults with two group leaders.  The leaders asked if their group could pet Lani, so I said yes.  Lan is great with people.  Well, I started noticing that Lani was really taken with this one man who was petting her.  He held his hands out, and very gently she put her hands in his and stood up, and kind of put her face closer to his.  The man got a huge smile on his face, and Lani calmly just stood there like that.  The leaders were impressed and told me that the man had problems seeing, and they couldn’t believe how Lani seemed to sense that he needed to see her closer.  I was even impressed!  And just seeing that man’s smile and how much joy Lani brought to him made me feel so good.


Lani is my calm, quiet daughter.  She is amazing also at sensing my moods and always has hugs for me.  She gives me so much love, and no matter what she is always there for me, just like I am always there for her.  Lani brings so much love and joy to her life and I am so blessed to be her mommy.


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