Meet Roxie

Since my girls are such a huge part of my life, and I write about them all the time on my blog, I thought that I should introduce them to you.  Tonight’s post is all about our oldest furry daughter, Roxie.

28688_577631455119_3838956_nRoxie is an English Bulldog who is 7 years old.  She was born on February 7, 2010, and we brought her home on my husband’s 27th birthday, May 20, 2010.  She is definitely a daddy’s girl through and through and is literally his mini me.  It’s crazy how alike they are!

On May 20th, when we met Roxie for the first time, she literally walked up to me and bit my toes (I was wearing flip flops), and then walked up to my husband and kissed him!  He looked at her and said, “That’s my daughter!”  And ever since that day Roxie has worshiped her daddy.  She loves me too, but if my husband is home, forget it, you can bet she will be with him.  That is unless she gets in trouble with daddy, then she’s a total mommy’s girl and comes to me to cuddle.

Roxie’s official full name is Roxie the Terrible and no I am not making that up.  When we brought her home and registered her with the AKC, I asked my husband what he wanted me to put down as her official name.  Without missing a beat he looked at me and said very matter-of-factly, “Roxie the Terrible.”  I started laughing and said “Are you serious?”  and he said, “Yes.”

Roxie is our daughter who keeps us on our toes.  She is ALWAYS getting into something, or getting her sister, Lani in trouble.  Let me share with you some of the crazy things Roxie has done.

Roxie and the Bone

Rox loves bones.  She’s crazy about them.  Lani, not so much.  One day my husband was at work.  My mom had come over and was hanging out with me and the girls.  We had gotten Roxie a bone that day to keep her calm since my husband was working all day.  She is extremely attached to her daddy and gets upset if he works long  hours.  After giving Rox the bone, my mom and I started doing things around the house.  My mom and I were in my kitchen when we started hearing Roxie crying!  We immediately went running out into the living room.  There we see Roxie sitting on the floor, and Lani on the couch with Roxie’s bone!  That was weird because like I said Lan isn’t really crazy about bones.  I went to get the bone from Lani to give it back to Roxie.  Once I saw Rox playing with the bone, I went back into the kitchen.  Five minutes later I hear Roxie crying again!  I go running out to the living room and find the same situation.  “Lani, sister needs her bone.”  I said as I took it from Lani to give back to Rox.  I go back to the kitchen and again within five minutes I hear Roxie crying.  Again I find the same situation!  This time I gave Rox back the bone and my mom and I went back into the kitchen, but instead we peeked our heads out of the doorway to see what exactly was going on.  And what do we see?  As soon as Rox saw us go into the kitchen and thought we weren’t paying attention, she grabs her bone, walks up to her sister who is laying on the couch, GIVES HER THE BONE, waits till she sees Lan start playing with it, walks back a few feet, turns around, sits down and starts crying!!!  My mother and I started hysterically cracking up.

Roxie and the Bell

When my husband and I first started housebreaking Roxie, we had read somewhere that you can use a bell to make housebreaking easier.  My husband had this old fashioned desk bell that he taped to the floor by the front door.  He had Roxie ring the bell every time before we brought her outside that way she would start associating the bell with going outside.  It was actually working out pretty well, and she was catching on fast.  Maybe a little too fast.  One afternoon my husband brought Roxie outside, but first before leaving the house she had her ring the bell.  She rang the bell and my husband brought her outside.  As soon as she got inside she heard the neighborhood kids playing outside.  She walked right to her bell and rang it, so of course even though she had just gone out, my husband had to bring her outside.  She went outside to say hi to the kids, then came back upstairs.  As soon as my husband let her off the leash, back she went to the bell to ring it.  Again he took her downstairs.  When he brought her up, yet again, as soon as he removed the leash, she went back to the bell.  My husband looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders.  He looked at Rox and said, “No Roxie.  We already went out three times.”  Well Roxie didn’t care.  She kept ringing the bell.  So my husband told her no and ignored her.  Well that didn’t deter Roxie, she just kept right on ringing the bell.  All of a sudden the ringing stopped and my husband and I looked at each other thinking she had finally understood.  Well, we couldn’t be more wrong.  Next thing we know we see Roxie coming straight to my husband WITH THE BELL IN HER MOUTH!  She literally yanked the bell off of the floor where my husband had affixed it.  She proceeded to drop the bell at my husbands feet and start ringing it nonstop!  Let’s just say that was the end of the bell!

Roxie and the Potatoes

One day my husband and I had gone food shopping and bought a bag of potatoes.  Somehow, the potatoes never got put in the kitchen where they belonged and instead were left in our dining room.  My husband and I had left the house for awhile, and when we came back we found a very happy, excited Roxie.  Why?  Because she had decided that we were going to play a little game of Find The Potato.  She had opened the bag, took every single potato, put one delicate precise fang mark right in the middle of each one and hid them ALL OVER OUR HOUSE!  For the rest of the evening my husband and I were hunting down potatoes.  They were in the couch, under the couch, under cushions, under rugs, wherever she was able to hid them, she did.  It was like an Easter egg hunt… except with potatoes.

These are just three of the millions of Roxie stories my husband and I have.  She always makes us laugh.  She brings such joy to our life.  We love our little girl so much.  Not only is Roxie so loving, but she’s wonderful at sensing my moods, and knows when I need some extra cuddling and kisses.  I have such an amazing daughter and I am so blessed to have her in my life!



  1. GREAT stories – and loved the photos. My not quite 3-year-old Shih Tzu TinkerToy makes me laugh every day as well – but he’s never hidden potatoes! He does drop his toys all over the house, however, even though he knows where they are supposed to go when he is not playing with them.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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