Live Oola! Live Balanced!

Oola?  Young Living?  You already know how much I LOVE both and how each greatly influences my life, but how about when they come together?  How awesome is that?


I had first heard about Oola when I joined Young Living three years ago.  At that time there were only two Oola oils offered: Oola Grow and Oola Balance.  I had no idea what Oola was then and didn’t know anything about these oils.  I have since taken an amazing journey and embraced Oola and the principles it teaches (as my husband says, I am M.U.D. powered by Oola).  But, you know what I hadn’t done?  Tried one of the original Oola oils!  I decided that had to change.

Since I am part of Young Living’s Essential Rewards program, I earn points on monthly ER orders to use towards future orders.  What that basically means is free oils!!!  Who can say no to that?!?  I had a bunch of ER points to use and I decided to use some to get myself a bottle of Oola Balance.

One of the key principles with Oola is balance!  In fact, the entire concept of Oola is built around finding balance!  So I figured Oola Balance Essential Oil from Young Living was the perfect Oola oil for me to try.


Oola Balance by Young Living is an amazing, uplifting, calming oil.  This oil was developed to help, “align and balance your center for a positive outlook and amplify the ability to focus on passions, behaviors, and health when diffused.” (source)  I not only love how this oils smells, but also how it makes me feel.  I don’t know how else to say it, but it does make me feel balanced and the scent is very soothing to me.


Essential oils are amazing because they come straight from nature.  I’m always amazed by how much oils have helped me and my husband.  They are one of my top favorite things, and if you love Oola as much as I do and Young Living I would say definitely get this oil!  Even if you know nothing about Oola or Young Living, but are looking for some balance in your life, definitely get yourself a bottle of Oola Balance and experience the benefits for yourself.

Interested in trying oils for yourself?  Click Here


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