Getting Away From It All At Valley Rock Inn

It’s a beautiful day outside, and after running some errands this morning, I called up my mother and asked her if she wanted to meet me at the new “resort” in town, Valley Rock Inn for lunch.  This was the place last Saturday where my mom, Rachel, and I went.  It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a week.  It feels like a lifetime ago, and although being there made me a little sad, I also remembered how happy Rachel was at Valley Rock Inn that last day, and that brought me comfort.

I was actually going to write about Valley Rock Inn last Saturday, but with everything that had been going on, I decided to put it off.  Now almost a week later, I think it’s time I tell you about this amazing place.

Valley Rock Inn is located in Sloatsburg, NY.  Now, if you are familiar with Rockland County and know Sloatsburg, you would know it’s a very small town where not much changes.  A few years ago a man named Michael Bruno moved to Tuxedo Park (the neighboring town) and had a dream for both Tuxedo and Sloatsburg.  He wanted to revitalize both towns, take our historic properties and breathe new life into them.  He has since bought up tons of properties up and down the corridor of Route 17.

The first property Michael Bruno started with was the old Waldron property located right in the heart of Sloatsburg.  My mother actually used to live on this property a few years back in a very cute little pink cottage.  She has since moved, and her house is no longer there.  But, when my mother lived on the property she would always say, “Something amazing can be done here.”  And she was right.

Photos: My mom standing where her house used to be & views of how the property used to look – that blue barn in the background is now The Blue Barn Market and looks completely different!

The properties, which consisted of five historic houses and barns, were slowly falling into disrepair.  The landlord that owned four of these properties didn’t care about keeping them up.  It was sad and you could clearly see the property had seen better days.  And then Michael Bruno stepped in and changed all that.

Last Saturday Valley Rock Inn opened for the first time.  Although it is far from complete at this point and time (more is to come within the following year), what Michael Bruno has done has been simply amazing!  Currently Valley Rock Inn consists of the Blue Barn Market which features local, organic food including milk, eggs, organic local produce, yogurt, ice cream, bread, etc…, the 7 Lakes Bike Barn where you can rent a bike to explore Harriman State Park or Sterling Forest State Park (both within our backyards).  Here you can also sign up for a group ride or even take a shower if you have been hiking or camping.  And last but not least is the Garden Food Truck which is where my mother and I ate today.

The Garden Food Truck is called the Siete Lagos Food Truck.  Siete Lagos means Seven Lakes.  It’s a very fitting name as Harriman State Park is located on Seven lakes Drive.  It is currently dishing up gourmet tacos, all of which are gluten free!  The one exception is the queso (it contains beer, so therefore gluten).  The tacos are fresh, tasty, and for $8.00 you get two amazing all-natural tacos!  My mother had the Beef Chorizo Taco and I had the Braised Chicken Taco which consisted of chicken, salsa verde, onions, avocado, cilantro and crema.  I held off on the avocado.  The tacos were absolutely amazing, delicious and filling and I will definitely eat there again.

My mother and I decided to eat our tacos in the Rose Garden overlooking the beautiful water fountain.  It was a nice relaxing lunch and we reminisced about a week ago, and my mom talked about how much she loves this new “resort” in town.  And of course she still talks about her house which used to be there, and visits the Black Walnut tree that grew directly over her house.

Going to Valley Rock Inn was a great way to end a crazy, emotional-filled week.  When you’re there, you don’t feel like you’re in Sloatsburg.  There is piped in music that plays throughout the property and transports you to another place, there’s beautiful spots to sit and enjoy nature and being outside, there’s places to relax and unwind.  I can’t wait to see what else Michael Bruno reveals in the next coming months.

In the future he is planning to open his hotels, one of which my mom, Rachel, and I got to tour last Saturday.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  In total there will be four hotels.  He also has planned a gym, an olympic size pool, an art gallery and book store, a garden shop, a restaurant, a brewery, and a cafe.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Valley Rock Inn and get away from it all.

About The Valley Rock Inn

  • open Thursday – Sunday
    • Blue Barn Market – 10 am to 6 pm
    • Food Truck In The Garden – 11 am to 6 pm
    • 7 Lakes Bike Barn 9am to 6 pm
  • right off of Mill Street in Sloatsburg, NY (park in the Commuter Lot)


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