Time Will Tell

Bad head-space today = new poem.  I haven’t written any poems in a long time, but writing helps me when I’m feeling down or upset.  It helps me to get out how I feel and get out my thoughts.  I’m heading to work soon, and although it will be tough to pull myself out of my darkness, my husband says it will probably be better for me to get out and do something instead of sitting around, thinking, making myself more upset.  So, to help take that first step out of the darkness and to help get out all that I am feeling, I wrote a new poem.

stockmen (6)

Time Will Tell



Truth & lies

Things that remind me

Of another time.

Fighting to be heard

Sharing my mind

Upsetting loved ones

Is my crime.



Broken lines

To repair these things

Will just take time.

As I wait

I will wonder

What I could have changed

Should I have not said anything?

Should I have remained the same?



Time will tell

Wounds will heal

And all will be well.


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