How To Make Your Own Bone Broth

Bone Broth is AMAZING, but I didn’t always feel this way.  It wasn’t until three years ago when I embraced an all-natural way of living that I learned just how good for you, and how nutritious bone broth is.  Before that, bone broth just freaked me out!


My husband has been making bone broth for years.  I remember the first time he made it when I was in the house and I got absolutely skeeved out.  It was quite a few years ago, after Thanksgiving.  We had eaten all the Thanksgiving leftovers, and next thing I knew my husband was taking the turkey carcass and boiling it to make “Turkey Soup”.  For some odd reason this completely freaked me out and I kept refusing to try the turkey soup he made.  Eventually he got me to try it, and it was very good.  But something about taking a carcass and boiling it just completely freaked me out.

Three years ago when I started working with my health coach, she told me about bone broth and how nutritious and good it is for you.  I decided to set aside my feelings towards it, and truly give it a try and embrace it.  And you know what?  Now the idea of making bone broth doesn’t freak me out anymore.  In fact, sometimes I’m the one to suggest it!

“Looking at a bone, you might think it has nothing to offer in terms of nutrition. Lick it, and it has an unpleasantly sandpapery texture. Bite into it, and all you get is a sore tooth. It looks so dead; what kind of useful nutrients could possibly be in there?

The answer: just about everything. Bones are a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. Locked away inside that hard shell is a wealth of essential nutrients – anti-inflammatory and gut-healing proteins, healthy fats, and a wealth of minerals just waiting to be used. Wild animals the world over know this: they’ll go straight for the bones every time they make a kill. Unlike dogs or vultures, though, human beings aren’t built to crack open the bones with our bare teeth. Instead, we have to make our over-sized primate brains earn their keep by cooking the bones to get at the goodness inside.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by making bone broth.”

Bone both is truly amazing and healing!  And especially heading into the fall and winter season, bone broth is a must to incorporate in your daily diet.

Yesterday my husband and I were out and about on Family Fun Day, so we stopped at the store to buy a rotisserie chicken, potatoes, and vegetables.  We were talking about what we should eat this week for dinner, and since yesterday was a nice fall day and put me in fall mood, I suggested chicken noodle soup!  We were going to have the carcass from the rotisserie chicken, so all we needed to do was add in vegetables (carrots, onions, celery, peas, and corn) and gluten-free pasta and we could have a healthy, filling meal for the entire week!


After dinner last night, my husband started the process of making bone broth from the carcass of the rotisserie chicken.  You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do.  Ready?  Take the carcass, put it in a big soup pot, and cover it with water.  Put it on low heat and simmer for the next couple of hours.  There’s really no right or wrong amount of time, the point is to let all the nutritional goodness from the bones get absorbed into the water.  After the carcass has simmered for a few hours, take the big pieces out of the pot and throw out.  Then, use a colander to screen out all the small pieces so all you have left is the pure bone broth.

Now that you have your bone broth, you can make soup!  This is when you transfer your bone broth back into your big soup pot and add whatever vegetables, meat, and seasonings you want.  Now let that simmer for a few hours.  Add in some freshly made gluten-free pasta (we recommend Barilla Gluten-Free Pasta) when you’re ready, and you’ve got a nice filling soup to eat for dinner.

Enjoy the fall weather and instead of opening up a can of “fake” soup, start making your own bone broth!


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