The Epic

A little over a week ago I shared one of my poems that I had written called Rising.  A lot of people seemed to enjoy it, so I thought today I would share another poem of mine.  This one was written on March 15, 2015.  It’s possibly the longest poem I have ever written, but it has a lot of meaning, and I hope you enjoy it and find meaning in it too.


The Epic

At seventeen she was told to soar

to spread her wings and explore.

Like a baby bird leaving it’s nest

she was told to go out and do her very best.

And she tried way too many times to count

to get off the ground and see what life was about.

And sometimes she’d be alright

she would fight life with all of her might.

But other times she’d crash to land

never understanding how to stand.

Time and again she’d repeat this dance

hoping one day she would get a chance

to prove just exactly who she could be

and maybe then they would all see

that all the darkness and all the gray

could be wiped aside and she could live for today.

For many years she flapped her wings

and for many years she tried to sing

but she would falter once again

and once again she’d need to defend

all the decisions in her life that she had made

and confront the fact that she was always afraid

that she would prove to be what “The Bird” had said

and that thought filled her with so much dread.

“An epic disappointment” is all she would ever be

but she needed to learn to rise above and see

the greatness that others saw inside

and this gave her more reason to divide

the past from where she was today

and this gave her more reason to get up and say

“I need to live my life for me

because more than anything, I deserve to be happy.”

So she stopped the dance she had been doing

and realized that she had been pursuing

someone else’s dreams and desires

and it was time for her to cast aside the liars.

So she took that leap of faith and took to the sky

and spread her wings and decided to fly.

She didn’t need to prove anyone wrong

she just needed to prove to herself that she was strong

and that life has no wrongs or rights

life and happiness are things for which you need to fight.

This time she found she didn’t crash and burn

instead she started to live and learn

and finally happiness she started to find

all those naysayers from the past, she paid them no mind.

From her ashes she had finally been reborn

“I will never go back,” she had sworn.

So she flew towards the sun and bathed in its light

and finally realized that life was worth the fight.

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