Getting Lost On The Orange Heritage Trail

Today was Partial Family Fun Day and off we headed with our bikes again to the Orange Heritage Trail.  This time though we started off at the end of the trail in Goshen.  And this time we got lost!

Last week when we went bike riding we did 5 miles starting off in Monroe.  Today we decided to check out what the end of the trail is like 11 miles away in Goshen.  The Goshen part of the trail is completely different than the Monroe half.  For one, it’s not paved!  Instead it’s a narrow little dirt path that winds through the forest.  It’s beautiful, but completely different.  There’s less people on this half of the trail and you see more wildlife.


While we were riding my husband and I came across two fawn and one doe.  We passed beautiful serene lakes, and my husband even saw our “long-legged friend”, the heron, our totem animal!  As I rode on the trail, butterfly were flying all around me.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Eventually, we found a small paved part of the trail.  And this is where we got lost.  At one point the trail veered off in two different directions.  I kept going straight to follow the paved trail, but my husband stopped me and said he saw an arrow pointing to the trail on the left.  So, I turned around and we went left… which turned out to be wrong!  He led us to a junk yard and further on to a residential street by a historic building called the Goshen Foundry Ltd!  Definitely not the rail trail.  By this point we had gone 2.5 miles, so we decided to follow the street back towards the way we came.  And eventually my husband found this crazy little foot-trail that led us back to the rail trail.  It was definitely an adventure, but everything with us is always an adventure.

The Goshen half of the trail was fun, but so different than the Monroe part.  Next time we are thinking of starting in the middle of the trail in Chester.  And one day this fall we will do the entire trail!  That will be amazing and so much fun.

Today we did 5 miles and it was amazing, filled with fun, laughs, and adventure.  I love how free I feel when I’m bike riding.  I can’t wait till our next bike riding adventure!

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