Viewing Life Through A Lens

Photography is a big part of my M.U.D. life.  I’ve discussed it in previous posts, but I wanted to talk about it more today because it’s a huge part of who I am.

I have always loved photography.  I have always felt this constant need to document everything that I see, how I see it.  And that’s the key to my photography: how I see it.  I don’t believe in using photographic manipulation to change a photograph.  Sure, I will lighten or darken a picture if the lighting is off, but other than that, I refuse to touch up my photographs in anyway.  I like to capture the world, and the people in it and around me, exactly as I see it.  I like to capture moments in time, feelings, emotions, places, events.  To me that is what photography is.  And I’m not saying that photographic manipulation is bad, it’s just not for me.

I love this photograph my husband caught of me

The way I view photography is that it’s a way to see life.  As a photographer you see life through a lens.  You think of framing, you think constantly of what’s going on around you, you look for emotions, you look for special moments, you are completely living in the now and finding ways to capture it.  When I start photographing, I am in my own world.  It’s just me and my camera.  I am just a fly on the wall, capturing life how I see it.  I love that!  Especially when people find joy in what I do.

Photography is a passion of mine.  Sometimes, whether it’s due to my depression or anxiety, I feel so disconnected from the world.  I feel so much on the outside, but when I have my camera, none of that matters.  All of a sudden I am connected, searching for the best shot.  This thrill runs through me when I know I got a great image.  And while I photograph I am always smiling and laughing.  It truly keeps me in the now, in the present moment.  My mind turns off and all I think about it what I am doing, what I am capturing.

You never know where Photo Day Adventures will take you… like right up a steep hill!

It’s a form of expression.  And it’s really awesome.  My husband is a photographer too and we love going on what we call Photo Days, where we just grab our cameras and go on adventures.  And it’s funny, because sometimes we will both see the exact same thing and photograph it.  But, when we compare our pictures after the fact, they are never the same.  Maybe it’s a different angle, maybe it’s different lighting, maybe it’s a different focal point.  But, that shows how personal photography is.  It’s all about choices and how you see something.  You can have a million people photographing the same object and no two people will end up with the same photograph because we all see life and objects differently.

Photography is a personal journey through life.  The awesome thing is your photographs will live on long after you do.  Who knows who may be looking at them in the future, viewing life through a historical lens.  One of my favorite quotes, which describes me so perfectly, is:

“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.”  

-Steve McCurry

M.U.D. is about living with Mindful Unique Decisions.  Photography is capturing split second moments that will never happen again, knowing that when you click the shutter you are freezing a unique moment in time (Mindful).  It’s a way for me to make sense out of life, and a way to connect with what is going on around me (Unique).   It’s trusting your instincts and choosing to live in the moment (Decisions).

Photography is a part of me.  It’s deeply ingrained in who I am.  And I love living, experiencing, and capturing life through the lens.

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