SeneSerum-C vs. Eyelid Eczema

I’m all about natural-living.  I talk about it all the time here on my blog.  But, sometimes natural cures don’t work and you’re left looking for other options.  Living M.U.D. is all about balance; finding what works for you.  If a natural cure doesn’t work, or stops working, keep searching because there’s always more than one answer to a problem.

My husband and I love making our own products: soaps, shampoos, laundry detergent, lotions, etc… But recently I had such a bad flare up with my eczema that NOTHING was helping!  No natural cures.  None of our lotions.  None of my essential oils.  I was literally at a brick wall and I didn’t know what to do.


When you have eczema, it’s common to have more than one type occurring at a time.  There are many different types of eczema.  As you know, my amazing Hazelaid Hazelwood Necklace helps with my discoid eczema.  Whatever internal factors cause my discoid eczema to appear, the Hazelwood Necklace takes care of it.  But, recently I ended up with contact eczema and sometimes that’s even harder to get rid of.

My battle with contact eczema started about a month ago.  When you have eczema your skin is extremely sensitive to all it comes in contact with.  For example, I wash my hands, the water aggravates my eczema.  I peel a potato and my skin gets itchy.  I touch something that was recently cleaned with chemically laden cleaning products, my skin freaks out.  In some ways I’m used to it.  I’ve dealt with it my whole life, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  So, you would think by now I would know to be super careful about what I use on my skin.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t.

About a month ago I started experimenting with makeup.  Cheap, poor quality makeup.  And what happened?  My eyelid eczema flared very badly!  One of the most uncomfortable eczema conditions is eyelid eczema.  It’s itchy, it burns, it turns your eye area red and makes it swell up.  And it’s super hard to get rid of!

I tried everything to make the eyelid eczema go away.  Of course, because it’s the eye area you have to be super careful of what you use on it.  I tried coconut oil.  It didn’t work.  I tried washing my face with soap we have made to help my eczema.  It didn’t work either.  I tried all different all-natural creams and potions.  Nothing was helping.  The swelling, redness, itchiness, burning did not go away.  And this went on for weeks!!!  I was seriously at a loss with what to do.  I had exhausted all the natural options there were and nothing was making the eyelid eczema disappear.

I was talking to a friend of mine, Erica Cherry, who sells SeneGence products.  All I had known about SeneGence was that they made a product called LipSense which is long-lasting lipstick that stays perfect all day.  I didn’t know SeneGence made other products besides, and I didn’t know anything about their brand.  Erica told me that SeneGence also has a huge line of skincare products.  She suggested I try a product called SeneSerum-C as it has helped others with eczema, and gave me a sample to try.  At this point I was willing to give anything a try!


It sounded truly amazing and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.  And I was completely surprised!  After using it one time my skin felt so much better!  More moisturized and actually looked a lot better!  I used SeneSerum-C for an entire week twice a day on my eyelid eczema and within that one week I saw tons of improvement.  My skin actually started to heal!!!  After a week I ran out of the sample Erica gave me and what happened?  My eyelid eczema flared again!  So this time I ordered a full bottle from Erica and I’ve been using it ever since for the past month, twice a day everyday.  And how is my eyelid eczema now?  Completely healed!!!!!  I can’t tell you how much SeneSerum-C has helped me!  I was literally battling a losing battle with my eyelid eczema.  Nothing was helping, no matter what I tried.  And it turns out my skin loves SeneSerum-C!  My eyelids feel so moisturized, the redness is gone.  They are 100% healed!!!

I hate these pictures below, but I want to show you just how much SeneSerum-C made a difference for my eyelid eczema.  When I started using it, I started documenting to see if I saw any change, and the change within one week was remarkable.  I took the pictures in the same room, in the same lighting so you could truly see the real results.

Isn’t the before and after amazing?  And that was after just one week.  So how about a month later?  Check this out.  These pics were taken this morning.

No more redness!  No more swelling!  No more itchiness!  It’s completely healed!!!!  I am so incredibly grateful to Erica for introducing me to SeneSerum-C.

SeneSerum-C is made with SenePlex Complex which is exclusive to SeneGence, and my skin seems to love it!  All their skincare products contain SenePlex, and after seeing how much SeneSerum-C helped me, I tried other products of theirs: Climate Control, MakeSense Color Correcting Moisturizer, ShadowSense, SeneDerm Hand Cream with Shea Butter, and even their LipSense and LipSense Gloss products.  I have loved every product that I have tried from SeneGence and best of all, my skin actually loves it!  It has not had one single problem with any of these products, which has truly been amazing!  Not to mention, my skin in general feels 100% better!!!!  And usually my skin flares over anything I try to put on it.

I truly think what makes these products so different is the SenePlex Complex.  So what exactly is SenePlex?5162910_orig

Here’s my thing.  95% of the time I live an all-natural life.  My husband and I make our own products.  We try to live off the land.  But, just like everything, when it comes to living M.U.D., it’s all about balance.  Sometimes you have to seek out other solutions.  When my eyelid eczema was not reacting to any natural cures, I knew I had to search elsewhere.  And, thanks to Erica, I found products that my skin actually loves, that helps my eczema and keeps it under control.  Just because you live all-natural doesn’t mean you can’t look outside all-natural solutions if you have a problem.  It’s all about balance.

Erica is amazing and will help you however she can.  She knows the SeneGence products inside and out and her help with my eyelid eczema battle was truly invaluable.  If you want more info about these amazing products, or SeneGence in general contact Erica by clicking on the links below:

This is my own personal review and I have not received any compensation for it.  Follow us on Instagram to see how we live our M.U.D. Life everyday!

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