Feeling Free

Today was so much fun!  It was Partial Family Fun Day today and you know what we did?  Took our new bikes out for the very first time!

Ok, so we chose the hottest day around to do our first biking trip, and we didn’t plan out our trip too great (hot day and not enough water is not a good combination), but we had fun!!!  Since there’s really no place to ride our bikes where we live, unless you want to ride them in a circle in the parking lot, we decided to take our bikes to the The Heritage Trail in Monroe, NY.

The Heritage Trail, also known as the Orange Heritage Trail, is a paved walkway that follows the old Erie Railroad line.  It winds through forests, farmland, and towns stretching from Monroe, NY to Goshen, NY 11.5 miles away.  You can get onto the Heritage Trail from many different locations from Monroe through Goshen, most with easy access parking.  We caught the trail in Monroe.

In Monroe the trail starts at Airplane Park, but due to some road-work, that part of the trail was closed, so we caught the trail at the next available place, slightly up the road at the Monroe Park and Ride.  Although the parking lot was packed, it wasn’t impossible to find a spot.  And once we did, we were off on our adventure!

Positive Sayings Along The Trail

We had never been on the Heritage Trail before and it’s absolutely beautiful and so magical!  It’s quiet, beautiful, surrounded by lush forests and historic sites.  You feel totally removed from the outside world.  Each mile is marked off on a sign post with a little positive saying which was very awesome.  There were many people walking, jogging, biking.

At one point on the Heritage Trail you come across a historic cemetery.  My husband and I stopped to take a look.  The headstones date from the 1800’s, and although it seems that people visit and pay their respects, unfortunately the cemetery is in disrepair.  There are headstones that are cracked or missing or just plain fallen over.  It’s very sad and I can’t help but think that it would be so wonderful if someone restored the cemetery.

Historic Cemetery

Further down the trail you pass beautiful open vistas that give you an amazing view.  You hear babbling brooks.  It’s just so absolutely beautiful and tranquil.  I can’t wait to go back!

For our first bike trip we did 5 miles total.  I calculated our ride using the app MapMyRide which is a handy little tool, and it’s fun to look back at what we did.  Our goal is eventually to do the whole Heritage Trail from Monroe to Goshen and then have someone pick us up in Goshen.  But, considering this was our first time, I think we did an amazing job!

The funny part was when we first started out the going was easy.  When we decided to turn back once we got to 2.5 miles, my husband said we were going to have a problem.  I asked him what that was.  He said that the whole time we had been going downhill, now heading back to the commuter lot we’d be heading uphill.  The trail was so gentle that I didn’t even realize we had been going downhill.  And sure enough, heading back was tougher because we were going uphill.  This made me very glad that my new bike has 7 speeds, but my husband has a cruiser with no speeds, so the going was tougher for him.  But, we did it and we are very proud of ourselves.

I can’t wait to go bike riding again!  I forgot how much I enjoy it.  I used to ride my bike all the time when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I went riding, and my husband hasn’t had a bike since he was ten!  So it’s nice for me to reconnect with a pastime that I love that is so relaxing and fun.  It combines my favorite things: being outdoors, exercise, and exploring.

I’m so glad I made the decision to get my husband and I bikes.  That was a truly M.U.D. decision because now, if the weather is good, we have something fun, healthy, and free that we can do!

I can’t wait to go riding again!

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